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Posted by AmandaTom on October 16th, 2014

Stock images are unique and very useful in setting up projects, presentations and advertisements. They are also used in blogs and websites. They are not owned by the photographer and are shared among all the members who subscribe to such portals that store the stock images. There a variety of categories of photos on nature, celebration, seasons, wildlife, vintage etc. Cheap stock images are available easily and at very low prices. Smartphones and mobile photography have given mobile stock images an upheaval in terms of popularity and use.

Mobiles are portable and with rise in technology and competition, mobiles are being equipped with tools and software that help in capturing, editing and sharing mobile stock images. You need to understand how the camera of your phone works and adjust it around its limitations such as fixed-aperture, non availability of flash etc. You can browse through the internet and download applications that counter those limitations and help you to take better photos using your mobile. Applications that offer grid tools, automatic image enhancement and controlled exposure and focus work in your best interest to obtain cheap stock images. Always store the original and make copies and apply filters on the copies so that you don’t lose the original shot.

For good mobile stock images you need to set the exposure right. In mobile cameras that need light, you should change your environment or setting according to the composition. Use plain white objects to bounce light. Sunlight can create good effect. Check the background carefully so that it does not spoil the shot. You can shoot black and white photographs for poorly-lit images. Cropping your photos draws attention to the subject. With unlimited memory, you can shoot many photos and grasp all the right moments. Cheap stock images are often shot by mobiles and they incur low cost.

When looking for cheap stock images on the internet, you need to write the keywords in the search panel and the search engine brings up the results based on filters of say, popularity, reviews and latest ones. Initially, the portals allow free download up to a certain limit after which you need to pay for each download or you can subscribe for a membership. All websites provide information about the photo’s dimensions and resolution along with the license. A license is with which you can re-use a photo by downloading it once. You can either download the file or save the mobile stock image in your account inbox for later use.

Websites with cheap stock images have blogs and live chat facilities that allow the members to interact and discuss photography. Before subscribing, go through the terms and conditions about re-use and reproduction of the images and see if they suit your requirement. Mobile stock images are easily purchased and all images are royalty free. Also you can earn for sharing your photos and illustrations. With mobile applications, you can directly upload your images and a give a caption to it. Many of these applications have reviews which can help in gaining popularity in the photography community. Online photo sharing is becoming a rising trend owing to social networking. Make sure you are a part of it.

Cheap stock images are available at many websites for free. Mobile stock images have become popular due to their portability and low cost.

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