Jack Daniels: Sheer Luxury Combined with a Host of Flavors

Posted by alisonreid29 on October 16th, 2014

Whiskey never tasted better. Jack Daniels is one of the premier names in whiskey and has by far been the largest selling American brand outside of the United States. The taste has been hailed worldwide and not many come close to the Black Label or Old Number 7 by the brand. It is a Tennessee brand and is largely recognized for its Sour Mash Style. Only Johnnie Walker comes close when it is about oozing class and creating a feel.

While the company officially claims that the whiskey is non-bourbon, most partisans and testers believe that the whiskey has a taste similar to bourbon. The process of making the whiskey is also pretty similar to making bourbon whiskey. After the initial process the fresh spirit is passed through a vat of sugar charcoal.

This mellows down the flavor before it is passed on to the barrel. The resultant flavor is smooth and versatile, restoring the true country nature of the whiskey. Daniels promises quality and consistency in whatever way it is consumed – whether it is consumed neat, with coke or as part of a cocktail. Jack Daniels continues to impress partisans all around the world.

Daniels is unique in that it does not present an uncanny aroma on the nose. The aroma that Daniels leaves on the nose is a combination of vanilla, butterscotch and caramel. Imbibers also indicate that there is a hint of a woody flavor in the drink and there are some coffee notes to be discovered after a few sips. In fact, the woody flavor is what most people love about the drink.

Once the Daniels switched to the 80 proof from its usual 86 proof formulas there were people that said the whiskey had lost some of its much distinguished luster. But there are imbibers that feel that the new formula gives a different light-at-mouth feel. This is only different, but is not in any way unpleasant.          

Many are in disagreement about the way Daniels is on the palate. There is a smoky sweetness that the drink leaves on the palate; much in similarity with Johnnie Walker. Some reviewers are in agreement that the drink leaves note like corn syrup and most others seem to agree to the same. While there is a light liquor note to all the whiskies by the brand, it is best visible in the Black Label.

But the liquor note is markedly overwhelmed by flavors of freshly brewed coffee, toasted oak, vanilla, English toffee and nuts. One of the most interesting things that most imbibers note in the whiskey is how the flavors unfold over time and while drinking from the glass. There might be the overruling vanilla essence but there is a full concoction of flavors that float in the course of the drink.

The finish of Jack Daniels is again nice and quick. The oak notes once again come into play with a hint of slender spices. Many imbibers believe that there is a distinct caramel note in the finish of the whiskey. To others, the caramel notes are not that distinct.     

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