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Posted by Panic Buster on January 28th, 2021

Knowing about anxiety and depression self help is a must if you suffer from those conditions. You might want to know how and why your anxiety is triggered. For the most part, stress plays a huge factor in triggering an anxiety attack. While the person who suffers from anxiety may react well in a stressful situation, after it is all over, they tend to have the anxiety or panic attacks. Almost everyone who have an anxiety attack for the first time have experienced a significant stressor in their daily life. Thus, stress plays a major role in the cause of anxiety. Most people are ashamed that they are feeling anxious and keep this secret from friends and family. This is only making things worse. You will then never have anyone to talk to when needed. When you finally release your secret, then you will be surprised to find out how many people actually suffer from the same anxious feelings! You are so far from alone when it comes to anxiety attacks. The fact is, that the majority of people have experienced some sort of anxiety or panic attack at least once in their lives. Many women begin suffering from anxiety when they approach menopause. If you are in your mid to late 30s and are starting to have panic attacks, they can very well be related to the fluctuations in your hormone levels. Most women who go through menopause will experience some psychological factors such as mild depression or anxiety. Some women will experience menopause symptoms to the extreme. In such cases, doctors will usually treat this condition with hormone replacement therapy or other types of drugs, so that the woman can go about her daily life. It is very rare that someone will have anxiety without depression. Most people will have an anxiety attack right after a period of intense depression. The anxiety is almost like the depression trying to escape the body. And after anxiety attack subside, many people tend to become depressed. Many people who are in a depression do not even realize that they are in this state. They curtail their activities, find no joy in any sort of living and start to shut themselves off from family and friends. Very few people realize it when they are in a state of serious depression. They may tend to sleep a great deal of the time or not be able to sleep at all. There are many signs and symptoms of depression and they often mirror that of anxiety. The most common sign of depression is that the person suffering from this condition does not get much joy out of life. They may feel what their life is worthless, may feel angry or even guilty about something that happened in the past. There are all sorts of reasons why we can get depressed. was created by anxiety treatment expert David Mellinger, MSW (RESUME). Click on the link to learn more about anxiety, worry, phobias, and obsessions and compulsions (OCD).

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