How to Determine the Best Quality Absinthe

Posted by alisonreid29 on October 16th, 2014

Get-to-gather with friends cannot be imagined without alcohol. If you have a party to organize, make sure that you bring in the most sort-after alcohols. Absinthe is one of amongst the most assorted distilled alcoholic beverages in the market today. Made with wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and various other herbs, this beverage is also referred to a laa fee verte meaning the green fairy. It is so named because of its natural green color. Although, it is often mistakenly termed as liqueur, it is not bottled with sugar; absinthe is therefore sorted as spirit. While you seek buying this green beverage, make sure you contact a good company otherwise you can end up buying a low quality spirit. These days you can order beverages online. Ranging from ciroc vodka, whiskey to rum you can buy all of them at affordable prices.

However, when it comes to drinking absinthe, there are a lot of ways and rituals encompassing it. Scan through the below mentioned domains to know about them:

•             Choosing a high quality bottle. This spirit is made using several techniques and ingredients. In order to determine if your potential brand is authentic you will require considering various standards. This includes,

Different brands contain thujone from negligible amount to about 35 mg/kg. According to the International standards beverages having more than 25% alcohol should contain thujone no more than 10mg/kg. On the other hand, the bitter spirits may have thujone content up to 35 mg/kg. This beverage’s brands that are labeled bitter are usually made with 10-35 mg/kg of this ingredient.

Although, thujone is one of the illegal food additives, the authentic spirits having negligible amount of this additive can be traded legally.

•             How should be a Quality Absinthe?  It is expected that this green colored spirit would gradually increase its turbidity when ice water is added, which is popularly referred to as louche effect. However, you should also note that all brands may not become translucent as the louche effect can only be created by herbs anise.

Apart from this, remember that absinthe containing herbs normally tastes like liquorices, even though it is a spirit.

•             Look for absinthe made from herbal ingredients: Remember, the best spirit is generally from whole herbal ingredients without containing artificial components like colors or flavors. Each herb is grounded up in order to use them efficiently at the time of distillation. Moreover, the typical pale green color of this beverage is basically imparted by chlorophyll, which is again, extracted from the natural herbs.

But beware of those brands featuring bright green as they have may have added colors. Also, it is important for you to understand that all these are not necessarily green in color. A good quality may come in orange and red.

•             Choose absinthe having high alcohol: The brand with 45-68% alcoholic content is referred to as the best in the market. As this type of spirit is diluted with water, even if you consume the one with high alcohol content, it wouldn’t be excessive.

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