Marine and Law enforcement challenge coins are displayed with pride

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In any organization or department, it might be educational institution like school or college, employee in private or government sectors, in sports and association everywhere people are recognised and appreciated for their efforts and good work. And this is a boost up energy for them for their future steps and to encourage them in all their paths. In the same way, all the departments of armed forces, soldiers are appreciated for their outstanding and exceptional job. Keeping themselves in front of the bullet shots they safe guard nation, sacrifices their happiness, entertainment and entire life for country. Leaving their family they work day and night with the commitment they have given to the mother land.

These Brave and courageous soldiers can’t be valued by any award or prizes, they are honoured with respect and salute. These soldiers are saluted by rewarding challenge coins that mean a lot to the soldiers. And the tale of this challenge coin speaks about First World War and the same traditional practises cater in today’s life. All the armed forces have their own prestigious challenge coins, such as:-

•Military challenge coins
•Army challenge coins
•Navy challenge coins
•Marine challenge coins
•Coast guard challenge coins
•Law enforcement challenge coins
•Police challenge coins
•Fire fighter challenge coins
•Custom challenge coins

Law enforcement challenge coins

Law enforcement challenge coins are dedicated to the body of laws and department like police, central intelligence agency (CIA), federal bureau of investigation (FBI), the Fire and Rescue Dept, Federal Reserve Police, National security agency (NSA), SWAT teams, or special tactical units.

Law enforcement challenge coins are specially designed with a particular departmental emblem that carried for the particular branch of law for which they are being made. Law enforcement challenge coins are regulated and represent the nobility of the concern, popular officer head or imperative president. These coins are made of alloys like brass or bronze and some time for a special occasion they cast these coins from gold and silver plates. Unique quotes that symbolises the motto of the department will also be engraved.

Marine challenge coins

It doesn’t make any difference if you are still in service at present or retired from the department. Every person who serves their country has a right to own the enormous respect. Marine challenges coins are awarded for the officers and team members working the in marine department for their sacrifices and outstanding performances on duty.

Marine challenge coins are made up of core metals like bronze, gold, platinum, silver, nickel, aluminium and many more. These challenge coins are tangible and valued that attached to your personal possession and that stays forever with us and acts as a prestigious medal for future generation to showcase their family.

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