Purchase Order and Inventory Software: On Premise or Cloud?

Posted by articlelink01 on October 17th, 2014

Are you thinking of getting a program to manage your purchase orders and inventory? The you have to decide whether to go for a cloud solution or on-premise software.

What Is a Cloud?


A cloud solution is a program such as procurement software that is accessible via the Internet. For many experts, cloud is simply another way of saying cyberspace.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the dramatic increase of web-based interfaces. Even traditional software choices such as those of Oracle have already transitioned, providing businesses with an Internet-based solution for their existing products.

What made the purchase order and inventory software cloud solution so popular?

One, it makes the software not only accessible but readily available. This means that you can open the program and perform your duties wherever you are and whatever time it is. In this day and age where mobility is already a huge competitive advantage, cloud software is the ideal complement to your business lifestyle.

Many of these programs are also designed to be very intuitive and simple. This is very important since they expect that most of the users are going to be first-time ones. Moreover, for their product to gain a very large appeal, it must be attractive to a wide range of users and markets.

Nevertheless, they are robust. These procurement software options are created by developers who invest large sums of money for the proper infrastructure and security. They hire the best people to help manage the overall functions and features of the software, provide updates and patches, and improve the design as new trends and practices are adopted.

For a businessperson, using the cloud-based version can mean significant savings. You can reduce labor and spare expense for IT maintenance. If you’re using software as a service, then you’re not tied to any contract but instead can choose to cancel the relationship and use anytime you like. You can add services or upgrade as your business grows, maximizing your purchase management investment.

What is an on-premise software?

Meanwhile, you can still have the traditional purchase order and inventory software. This means you buy the license for the program and have it installed in your drive or computer.

One of the biggest issues with the conventional or on-premise procurement software is the cost. Aside from paying for the license, you also need to set aside money for its maintenance, although many programs these days can provide unlimited updates free.

By having the software on site, you may be compelled to hire a professional to manage it, thereby increasing business costs through labor. In a cloud, you can outsource the activity because of the software’s worldwide access.

Perhaps the main advantage of the on-premise software is you can reduce security threats. You can keep track of how the software is used quickly, and the likelihood of dealing with hacking, malware, and viruses is very slim since you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to run it.

You also have more control on how you want the software to be used.

Which Should You Pick?


It depends on a number of factors: scalability, affordability, type of control you like, accessibility, risk of threats, and ease of use, to name a few.

What’s important is the software is trustworthy.










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