5 Innovative Ideas to Keep Newborns Healthy

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on October 17th, 2014

Because of the increased awareness in the use of harmful chemicals to make baby products, many parents are becoming more conscious about what they buy for their newborns. These chemicals are harmful to everyone, regardless of age, but they are even more harmful to newborn babies because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. Are you a new parent concerned about how to keep your baby as healthy as he can be? Don’t worry—we have tips on how to reduce your newborn’s exposure to harmful chemicals so you can safeguard his health.

1. Choose organic baby bedding 
When it comes to organic bedding for newborns, there are quite a few. Be sure to buy only brands from trusted stores like The Organic mattress Store Inc. that meet the strictest quality standards that distinguish baby bedding that is truly organic. Beware that bedding labeled ‘natural’ is not necessarily organic. Many of them still contain polybrominated diphenyl ether, the harmful flame retardant commonly used in bedding for babies. Polybrominated diphenyl ether has been linked to breathing problems in infants.

2. Invest in an organic baby mattress
It is nearly impossible to completely control the toxins your baby comes in contact with, but since he spends most of the day asleep in his crib during the first few months of his life, then it makes sense to buy an organic mattress. This seemingly small switch can have tremendous effects in reducing your infant’s exposure to toxins.

3. Choose Amish cribs and baby furniture
Is your nursery healthy? Perhaps not—or at least not as much as you think it is. Your choice of baby furniture can be creating indoor pollution because they can leach toxins. If you haven’t bought furniture for your nursery yet, consider investing in high quality Amish pieces. They don’t contain formaldehyde and are finished using natural oils like Linseed oil stain. Their heavy-duty solid wood construction ensures that they can last a lifetime or more.

4. Switch to natural wool carpeting
Outfit your nursery with natural wool carpeting, which is recommended for newborns as well as kids and adults who suffer from chemical sensitivity. Protect your baby and yourself from allergies with rugs made of pure British Wool, with no dyes, stain protectors, or pesticides. The best natural wool carpets are durable, strong, and have mold and mildew resistance properties.

5. Buy only ‘green’ and organic stuffed animals.
Organic stuffed animals made using natural processes make for great toys for babies. These animals are made using materials that were grown in healthy farming environments. It takes 3 years for a cotton producer to be certified organic. Then the ingredients go into making a great baby stuffed animal.

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