How Effective Is Salesforce For Small Businesses?

Posted by Consagous Technologies on January 28th, 2021

In the last few years, there has been a surge in the use of cutting-edge technologies in the domain of Cloud computing. If you are someone who is even a little acquainted with Cloud technology, chances are high that you might have heard the term Salesforce a few times.

Delivering a great customer experience is at the heart of every business enterprise. This experience, however, does not stop after a sale has been made. The best experience continues even after a customer has received it, and this is what customer relationship management is all about.

This is where Salesforce has saved countless companies from a lot of trouble.

What Exactly is Salesforce?

In layman’s terms, Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows companies to perfectly organize their sales and marketing functions together.

Presently, Salesforce is the most preferred CRM platform in the world, offering companies a very easy-to-access web-based software right there through the Internet. This is a huge reason why Salesforce mobile app development has been on the rise.

Before the advent of Salesforce, the CRM solutions were hosted on a company’s own server, which involved huge setup and maintenance costs.

In 1999, Mark Benioff founded Salesforce as a SaaS company. The main motive of Salesforce then was to make a software purchase easier by eliminating the costs associated with updates, maintenance, and setup.

Only for Big Businesses? We Don’t Think So!

Being a cloud-based technology, a lot of people are under the impression that Salesforce is only meant for big companies and businesses. This cannot be more contradicting to what the trends have to show.

Recent numbers show that Salesforce has over 150,000 paying clients, and a lot of these clients are small businesses.     With so many customers, it’s obvious that Salesforce must obviously be doing something right.

At its core, customer relationships are the secrets that have the potential to empower businesses in growth.

Benefits Salesforce Brings to Small Businesses

With the speed with which Salesforce mobile application development services in USA are spreading their wings, it is clear that Salesforce mobile app development is here to stay. There is a lot that Salesforce helps its customers in, that allows for better management of their sales and marketing operations.

Here are some of the benefits that small businesses can find availing themselves with Salesforce-

  • It’s Super Simple

In the initial stages of business operations, every company has a considerable number of contacts that are recorded in an unorganized manner. The details are usually scarce, which makes it difficult to convert them into customers.

Salesforce takes a sophisticated and result-oriented approach to customer management. The software allows you to record related details of individuals and responses during interactions, facilitating speed and growth for your business.

With a better idea of where you actually stand in terms of customer responses, it’s easier to gauge out a further plan of action.

  • A Decluttered IT Framework

As a company grows, the IT requirements also increase. The collected customer data needs to get shared with people in different teams so that things stay updated in terms of information and interaction.

All of these functions can be managed with a dedicated IT structure within the company, but if it’s a small business that’s just starting, the costs will be absolutely unbearable. This is where Salesforce completely sorts it all.

With Salesforce mobile app development, businesses get a platform for themselves as well as their customers for increased productivity and efficiency in every case.

  • Better Selling

Salesforce brings to the fore a lot of sophistication with its functionality, as getting a 360-degree view of the customer is easier than ever before. With all details handy, finding the right time to make a pitch no longer poses a problem.

Small businesses no longer need to worry about waiting for the perfect details or opportunity to hit the final blow to close a customer. Salesforce mobile app builder provides them with this power.

Final Thoughts

For a business, nothing will beat the flexibility and convenience that a superlative CRM software system ensures. Salesforce ticks all the right boxes, making the process of doing sales and achieving business growth within touching distance.

Consagous Technologies is highly regarded as a company that provides enviable Salesforce mobile app development services in USA.


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