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Posted by crishmart on October 17th, 2014

Planning to get married? One thing that always comes to mind is how to propose her? Which ring to offer? How will you present that? Couples always place ring at an important place as they signify love and are expensive too!

Rings are not always expensive they can be affordable too. There are several metals used for wedding bands like gold, diamond, platinum and in that also various varieties come like white gold, yellow gold, pink gold. They are comparatively expensive. Another option that people consider these days is tungsten carbide ring, titanium wedding ring, cobalt chrome ring.

Tungsten when combined with carbon forms Tungsten carbide. They have astonishing shine and this metal maintains its shine throughout years. Tungsten carbide rings are similar to titanium, so if you appreciate titanium appearance, tungsten wedding ring is perfect for you. They are gaining slight edge over other metallic rings. The unique style makes ring stand out plus the durability and off course less price.

Another hottest trend in ring jewellery is titanium wedding ring. They are strong, stylish and affordable. All these characters have made titanium ring popular choice among women and now days even for men as they are attractive and come in many styles and varieties. Unlike other metals, titanium rings comes in many colours. Among men, black is very popular, and we can have inlays of other metals and also can have stone settings. Such rings are colored in a way that we can’t find any scratch, chip or fading away of colour. They are meant for lifetime.

Cobalt chrome rings is another good option for men and women. They have similar look as that of platinum but more durable and comes up in many designs, styles and finishes. Cobalt chrome rings have high scratch resistance and one can wear in daily life. They are beautifully crafted and have lustrous shine which will remain forever making it perfect jewellery for any wedding.

Today, for any wedding ring what matters is emotion behind that ring and not the price value. Behind every ring there is love, faith and commitment and one would like to keep it close to him/her every time as it will remind him of his love and for that titanium, tungsten cobalt and cobalt chrome rings are best option for any because of its durability, shine, scratch free, can’t be bent or broken and comes in many designs lastly, not to forget the affordability factor!

Tungsten carbide ring is similar to titanium, so if you appreciate titanium appearance, tungsten wedding ring is perfect for you.

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