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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

For example,">attorneys commonly handle problems relating to the acquisition and rental of real estate, estate planning, divorce, and automobile accidents. Many other life problems can be resolved with the assistance of other kinds of professionals in their respective fields, in the small claims courts or through arbitration, professional groups, or government agencies. For example, injury because of the use of a defective product might be handled by local, state, or federal consumer agency; by an industry group or by the business itself; or even by a consumer reporter of a newspaper or broadcasting station. There is also a growing movement toward dispute resolution centers and alternative arbitration designed to ease the load on the courts and to provide the speedy resolution of legal problems. Even television has suggested alternative solutions. Remember the TV show starring retired Los Angeles Superior Court judge Joseph Wapner who tries actual, minor cases on camera, the participants having agreed beforehand to abide by the ruling of this judge-turned-actor.

When a legal problem arises, your best advice is to get an attorney-a good attorney. Your first and most significant decision is the selection of a competent lawyer to assist you in handling any legal issue. The most expensive attorney you can ever hire is an incompetent lawyer. What you are looking for is a lawyer who combines firmness, experience, and knowledge of the law ? a skilled negotiator and confessional priest. You need a combination of Clint Eastwood, Henry Kissinger, and Mother Theresa.">The legal profession is just like baseball or lion taming. There are good players and tamers and there are poor players and tamers. Poor baseball players tend to lose, and poor lion tamers tend to be eaten alive.

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