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Posted by juliabennet on October 19th, 2014

Humans are social animals and cannot easily survive alone. This rule applies to our personal and professional lives. An individual may be handling a team in their organization, but they are still part of the larger team, the organization itself. All the employees working in an organization form part of the society of that organization. The faster an organization is able to identify the complexities of this society, the more likely it is to gain a competitive advantage. Social network software can help identify the social structure of an organization and lead to improvements including employee retention and the creation of a knowledge map as well as many more.

There are many valuable benefits of using social network software. Once you are able to capture the complex relationships between people and departments, there are many powerful things that you can do with the information.

Knowledge map
As an organization, you are bound to have certain policies that govern the organization. When your employees are spread far and wide, it is not possible to simply assign them the policies and expect them to read through them. When you have identified the social network in your organization, it is far easier for you to create a knowledge map to truly understand where skills and resources reside. This map is a visual representation of these skills and resources that is arranged in a specific manner. Once you have done the arrangement, you can disseminate the information in a specific manner and have the employees benefit from it.

Manpower planning
Social network software allows you to find the most critical resources within your organization. This is extremely important because you cannot afford to lose  your critical resources. Once the data has been generated, you get a list of these people and can institute several programs for them to let them know that they are special. A high potential program is one such example. Once these employees are identified, you can even do a succession planning that involves them. When your organization grows or someone moves on, you can utilize relationship data to best understand who should replace them.

Employee engagement
This is one of the single most important considerations when it comes to your employees. When your employees are engaged, they are more productive and they also help to build a strong brand for your organization. When you use social network software, you are able to find out what your employees expect from you as their organization. This helps you to not only create programs for your existing employees, but also to plan to hire the right employees and design an induction program for them. Many aspects of your employee engagement plan can be managed through the reports generated by this software.

The social network software helps you in many key ways and using it is absolutely simple. All you need to do is run a survey using this software and use the survey report. From a knowledge map to employee hiring through to employee engagement and attrition management, many things are possible with this report.

Customize the social network software to create a knowledge map for your organization and also get other benefits.

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