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Posted by articlelink01 on October 20th, 2014

Permalac is one of the best and proven protections for metallic materials which you can consider using. It has limitless benefits that you will enjoy and your choice will not be in vain. Even with that, many people are completely ignorant of the best ways it can be applied thus end up falling short of their expectations. Lucky enough, this article will discuss the best ways to apply this polish and will be of valuable help to you. Don’t continue with the application process if not sure of the right steps to follow because you will end up frustrated. This polish can be applied to any type of metal regardless of whether it has a patina finish or not.

Before starting the application process, make sure that the metal surface is completely dry and you can do that by heating using a patina torch or heat gun. Once heated, you can spray some acetone and that should be done immediately. Permalac will be ready for application once the acetone has evaporated. It is advisable against thinning the polish very much with a layer of 20% being a recommendable amount. However, you will be at liberty to go against the 20% requirement to allow for soaking coat which helps in neutralizing any rusting. Also, it will ensure the polish gets to every bit of the patina. You should never count the soaking coat to be part of the polish.

Thinning of the Permalac is mostly aimed at making it friendly to the environment. That step will not be necessary in case you are using an environment-friendly polish but you can do it for a different reason. Once applied, the polish should be left to cure for at least 2 hours after which you will apply the second and third layers in succession. In between the second and third layers, allow the same amount of time for them to dry but you can make it more which is better. Around 24 hours after applying the third layer, apply wax which can be colored or clear and you will be through. Everything will be fine once all these instructions have been followed to the letter.

You can use this polish on bronze, stainless steel, brass, cast iron, nickel, copper, zinc and aluminum among several other metals. Their protective qualities cannot be matched by any other in the market because it can withstand the severest climatic conditions and any type of abrasion. Between one finish and another, it can take up to 18 months and that clearly demonstrates the durability aspect of Permalac. Very few polishes can hold up for such a long period but this one fits in very well. Your choices are clearly cut out when looking for a suitable metal polish.

Permalac is not any normal metal polish that you have been used to. It’s very unique and comes with stand-out benefits that you will always cherish to enjoy. However, that will be of no value to you once you are ignorant of how Permalac lacquer is applied and it has to be your priority.

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