Do You Have The BWOF For Your Building?

Posted by rosekaren on October 20th, 2014

A building, whether it is the house, housing apartment or the office is considered a safe haven by its inmates. In case of severe weather, rains, storm or heat, they seek safety in the building. However, if the same building is turned into a scene of accident or disaster, it becomes an irony. While constructing the building, the builders and constructors have to follow all the rules applicable on the construction. The government has imposed several laws and regulations on the builders to ensure the construction of a safe building. The main idea behind imposing such laws and regulations is to make the buildings safe for the inmates. The builders has to follow proper methods while ensuring the safety of the construction, the material used as well as the systems installed in the entire building. Most of the air conditioning and heating systems are installed during the construction only hence it is essential to have the BWOF (Building Warrant of Fitness) from the authorities. For providing the Building Warrant of Fitness, the authorized personal will inspect and report the condition of the systems installed in the building. All these systems are required to be maintained well with time. It will ensure its smooth functionality along with the comfort of the inmates of the building. Every building is designed in different manner with different requirement of the system; however, the features are same for each: ?Get the certificate! In case your building does not have the BWOF certificate, get it from the authorities. It is very essential especially in case of the commercial buildings or housing complexes where a large number of people can be found at a time. It is always wise to avoid troubles by being cautious. ?Keep systems updated! It is wise to keep all your systems installed in the building updated, in order to avoid any inconvenience. Sometimes, the old systems with poor functioning systems such as air conditioning, heating, alarm, fire extinguishers and sprinklers need to be updated to avoid troubles. ?Repair minor damages! Instead of waiting for the big damage, try to get the minor damages repaired on time. You must maintain the system well with regular service and repair. As the owner of the building, it is your responsibility to keep every system up to date. You will have to ask the authorized official to come and check the systems for providing the BWOF. About the Author.. Karen Rose is serving the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration industry from the past several years. She often writes on topic related to Refrigeration services in New Zealand. To know more about Consulting Engineer and Home Ventilation please visit

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