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Posted by jeffer121 on October 20th, 2014

Research has demonstrated that one of the main reasons a person who suspects they may have HIV not getting tested is due to anxiety surrounding the personal contact required at a clinic. This, in turn, can cause the disease to spread at a more rapid rate than it otherwise would and can prevent those most in need from receiving the treatment they require.

 When one considers other areas where privacy is paramount and where social anxiety can overcome common-sense provision for one’s own health, one may think of instances such as pregnancy. In that situation, a point-of-care test is the obvious option. However, does such an option exist for those who are worried about their HIV status?

 A rapid home HIV test could be the solution to the problem of social anxiety preventing patients from getting tested. Medlab-Online.com consider their line of products, which includes HIV home test kits to be an effective solution for what has been a major obstacle for the treatment of HIV for generations.

 With a home HIV test, an individual is able to determine in complete anonymity their status in regards to the disease. This rapid HIV test removes the stigma associated with personal clinic visits and ensures the patient may have complete control over their testing.

 Narrowing the gap between testing and treatment also means the rapid HIV test can save lives. The less time one takes to get tested the quicker treatment can begin if necessary. As such, the HIV test kit is a significant step forward in combating the disease and getting those people that need medical attention the treatment they need.

 The sophisticated immuneochromatographic detection system used in the home HIV test kit has already proven its worth for diagnostic medicine. The capability to—from a mere blood sample—to determine the infection status of an individual in a matter of minutes is practically revolutionary and has already changed the course of events for many patients.

 Waiting in a busy doctor’s office or clinic is usually the last thing patients’ uncertain about their infection status could want. Stuck waiting either for an appointment schedule to become available that suits you, or in a queue in a clinic is never an ideal situation for the doctor or the patient. The home test kit for HIV solves this problem. It is much safer as it can prevent staff and others from being inadvertently infected by blood-borne viruses. It also not only frees up the time of staff in clinics and hospitals to deal with emergencies and administer treatment but also—and perhaps more importantly—can provide assurance, one way or the other, of where one stands in regards to their health in a short amount of time.

 The benefits of the home HIV test kit, its anonymity, the speed of its application, and its reliability will, it is hoped, go on to save many lives and help prevent the spread of this disease.

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