What to Do if the Office 365 Subscription Expires?

Posted by Emilee Boone on January 28th, 2021

Microsoft 365 is known to most businesses and individual users that it is a trendy online productivity suite.

Having an MS Office 365 Home / Business / Enterprise plan seems to be the best of both worlds. You can easily get things done from virtually anywhere.

You can also download the desktop version of Office to your machine. Take advantage of Office 365 with easy access to your annual or monthly subscription plan.

And if you don't pay for it, your subscription plan will automatically terminate, whether it's Home / Business / Enterprise. As a result, your Office 365 subscription has expired. And you are left with a question does Microsoft office expire?

There are many reasons why your O365 subscription package will expire.

1. Organization does not want to update Microsoft Office 365 packages.

2. Switched to another business productivity suite such as GSuite.

However, when the subscription expires, the user has the following questions:

  • What happens to my data and access when my Office 365 for Business subscription ends?
  • What happens to my data and access when my Office 365 for Home subscription ends?
  • What if I don't renew my Office 365 subscription plan?
  • MS Office 365 Home / Business / Business subscriptions expire what happens afterward
  • Access to customer data and Office 365 services goes through various phases before the subscription is fully terminated. Before you leave or change your Office 365 account, back up your data before Microsoft permanently deletes it from your data center.
  • Also, you can use SysTools software for Office 365 backup to save a copy of your Office 365 mailbox. Great software can make a backup copy of the user's mailbox data shared from the admin mailbox. Mailbox in PST or EML file format. You can also download Office 365 contacts and calendars in PST format to your local machine before your Office 365 subscription expires.


Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Expiration Description

The three stages usually begin after the plan has expired. All stages have different time frames and limits. These stages inform you of what happened to your data immediately after your Office 365 subscription plan was cancelled.

1. Expired

2. Invalid

3. Deprovisioning

1: Expired

The state with the name Expired usually lasts for 30 days. The period depends on the volume and country. Most subscription plans processed through Microsoft Open have a 30-day expiration date. However, for volume licensed products other than Microsoft Open, the term can be extended to 90 days.

During this period, users will typically also use the Office 365 portal and other applications. Now the administrator can reactivate the plan and continue with the package. Otherwise, back up your data if you plan to terminate your Office 365 subscription plan.

2: Invalid

The next stage after expiration is an invalid status. This is 90 days per subscription plan. However, for volume licensed products, the status will end after 30 days. Access is restricted here. Users can't sign in or access Office 365 services. Everything goes into read-only mode.

Also, you will see a notification that the product is not licensed. However, you can log in as an administrator to access the admin center, but you cannot assign users licenses. Data is usually only available to administrators.

3: Deprovisioning

If, the administrator doesn't reactivate the Office 365 subscription plan in the previous two steps. The subscription will be deprovisioned.

No one has the right to access your account and customer data. All data will be deleted or cannot be restored.

Nevertheless, global or billing administrators can access the admin center to purchase or manage subscriptions.

What happens if you cancel your Office 365 subscription?

In this situation, if the user cancels the subscription before the period and date, the account will be directly deactivated.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you back up your organizational data before cancelling your subscription plan. This is because all customer data will be permanently deleted 180 days after the plan is cancelled.

Put everything together

This is what happens to your data and access when your Office 365 for Business subscription ends. It is recommended that you back up your data before proceeding to the deprovisioning stage. By doing this, the software saves the data to a PST file so that you always have a copy of the data that is easy to use with any version of Outlook

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