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Posted by Edward Smyth on January 28th, 2021

Have you paused for a moment and given a thought to the countless custom retail boxes around us? Some time back my kid was given a project at school to identify the types of custom retail packaging boxes available for the different products at the super market. We sifted through the readily available products on the online and offline marketplaces and jotted down their custom retail packaging type to separate the plastic based custom retail boxes from non-plastic ones. It turned out to be a fun learning experience for both my child and me. I must say I was expecting a lot of materials to be packaged in one-time plastic use material but, I was pleasantly surprised.  

The first section that my child was given to sort out was the bakery section. It mostly included cupcakes, donuts, sandwiches, pies and other items like bread etc. Almost all items except one or two brands of bread came food-grade packaging. In fact, the cupcakes were packed in eye-candy custom retail packaging boxeswhich were manufactured from the cardboard stocks.  As we asked for assistance, we were informed that the cardboard-based custom cupcake boxes were manufactured from food grade material, which is not harmful for humans and does not spoil food. Moreover, the custom retail boxes for the cupcakes had a little window covered with transparent plastic sheet, which allowed the customers to see through to choose the one that they like the best. Apparently, this technique is referred to as window patching on the custom retail packaging boxes 

The warm and tasty donuts we saw next left both of us drooling over them. We ordered a dozen for ourselves and again saw that custom retail packaging boxes made from cardboard were being used for it. While we selected a completely cardboard based custom box, we could see that many donuts by brands had shelved their collection of donuts in custom printed retail packaging with window patching. Some organic brand bagels were also available in biodegradable custom retail packaging boxesThe next section that we were asked to check out in the project was the perfume department. The custom retail boxes for perfumes are just a treat for the eye. Sometimes I wonder if my favorite brand changed its packaging would I still go for it. 

Almost all perfumes come in exclusive custom printed retail packaging to attract the attention of the customers long before they test it for the fragrance. The custom boxes used to package the perfumes are the first thing the customers and target audiences look at to evaluate the reputation of the manufacturing company. If the packaging of the custom printed retail packaging is not up to the mark and faulty, customers don’t think twice about the brand for a very long time. A quality packaging goes a long way. The options in custom perfume boxes available in the supermarket were versatile. Each brand had a unique packaging. Some came in solid colors while others came in metallic shades. There were brands, which had perfumes packaged in custom perfume boxes that were shaped as strawberries.  

Some perfume brands however, did not opt for elaborate custom printed retail packaging. These perfume brands were the ones, which understand the problem of littering in the word and how it clogs up our waterbodies. These brands made use of exclusive glass vials and bottles with a custom printed sleeve around them to minimize packaging. But all vital branding elements were printed on these custom sleeves.  

The last part of the project involves learning about the top firms in the packaging industry of America. Using full scale research tools on the internet we found a list of the most experienced and skilled packaging companies of the country like ClipnBox that are revered by their clients.

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