Personnel Evaluation System: Because effective recognition supports better performance

Posted by samrojseo on October 20th, 2014

Human Capital is an organisations greatest asset and ensuring that you can assess and reward your employees accurately and efficiently is increasingly important to make sure you retain your valuable talent.

CAMMS Personnel Evaluation System (PES) is a comprehensive web-based system that maximises your organisation’s investment in human resources through real time performance assessment and dynamic personal development.

It replaces manual processes with a single platform and provides clear and consistent reporting timeframes and processes.

By increasing the transparency and accountability of an organisation’s performance appraisal system, PES will also provide strategic alignment - line of sight. As it increases participation and compliance, you will also be able to understand things from your employees’ perspective due to the facilitation of increased feedback from members of staff.

PES measures performance against organisational projects and aligns the measures with corporate plans. This is in addition to competencies, duties and behaviors, thereby ensuring organisations can implement an accurate recognition process to in turn nurture a better performance culture.

A recent employee survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that 36 percent of employees reported not having received any form of recognition in the past year. Only 31 percent said their direct supervisors expressed verbal or written appreciation for their efforts.

Focused on People, Performance, Reward and Recognition, CAMMS PES is the performance evaluation system that will address this issue by providing an overall performance snapshot of an employee’s performance.

Organisations need a performance evaluation system that is both flexible and allows for an in-depth review of staff performance at any level of the organisation, and PES supports just that requirement.

CAMMS customer, Joshua Warner, Learning and Development Coordinator of Melton City Council testified, "I estimate a 10 fold increase in the quality of service I am able to provide to the organisation because we are using PES."

By using PES Melton City Council eliminated its "massive paper trail" and now enjoys a secure and quick system of information being communicated. This allows issues to be resolved through consultation. Another important benefit is that things can’t slip through cracks like they could with a paper system ensuring things are not missed.

CAMMS is providing world leading performance evaluation system or Personnel Evaluation System to increases participation and compliance of candidates. Get PES and Performance Monitoring Software at

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