Determining the cost of loft conversions Enfield

Posted by jennycooper on October 21st, 2014

The cost of a loft conversion depends on many factors like the dimensions of the loft space, the construction of an extension to the roof, the use of electricity and plumbing in the new loft, the construction materials, the number of windows, the existence of an outdoor space connected to the loft, such as a terrace or balcony, and the team selected for the job.

The dimensions of the loft space influence the cost of loft conversions Enfield very much. Obviously, the larger the loft space, the higher the cost of its conversion. However, the cost does not have to be too high, especially if the owners select a loft conversion type that is known for keeping expenses low. And in this category, the most popular type of loft conversions Herts is represented by Velux and rooflight conversions.

Velux conversions are basically upgrades of the existing loft space, transforming an empty space used mainly for storing things into a functional room. If the owners select other loft conversion types, such as mansard, hip to gable or dormer, they need to be prepared to pay a little extra, as these conversion types require a thorough design, more construction materials, planning permission and some fees to be paid.

The existence of electrical wiring and plumbing in the new loft space can also influence the cost of loft conversions Herts. Plumbing may not be required in all cases, for example, when you plan to create a wardrobe room or an office space, but electrical wiring is something that would certainly be present in the loft, regardless of the purpose of the new room.

Construction materials represent another factor that can increase or decrease the cost of loft conversions Enfield. In general, construction materials used to upgrade an existing loft space, or construct an extension to the roof should be the same as those that were used when building the house. To make sure you purchase high-quality, yet affordable construction materials, ask for recommendations from your builders.

A loft should be a bright space. For this, you can either install plenty of windows or always keep the light bulbs on. Obviously, the cheaper option is to install several windows, but how about the cold? Would it not be able to enter your house much better, if your loft features so many windows? To keep cold at a distance, make sure to insulate the loft properly and, thus, reduce your energy bill.

Some homeowners want their new loft to communicate with an outdoor space, such as a terrace or balcony. If such an outdoor space can be constructed and the project receives all the necessary permissions, this will certainly raise the cost of the loft conversion. The good thing is that homeowners would get more space to relax, especially in the summertime.

The team selected for the job is another element influencing the cost of loft conversions. In general, inexperienced builders showcase low costs and complete projects very fast, because they do not focus on high quality, but more on speed. Therefore, the recommendation here is to select a local team of loft conversion specialists that have both the experience and the tools to provide you with a job well done. In the long run, this would prove to be much more cost effective.

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