Manipulation Of Heavy Alloys And Metals With Plasma Cutter And Welding Machines

Posted by postechcoltd on October 21st, 2014

A few handy tools can change the concept of manufacturing and constructional concept with its wide applications. The modern industry relies heavily on manipulation of alloys and metals with the use of advanced tools. Have you ever wondered how men build cranes, robots, aeroplane wings, suspension bridges, skyscrapers and so on? Owing to the durable and strong features of metal and its efficient properties, metals are the pivotal choice for building sturdy and big things.

Unlike those old days, when the possibility to cut metals precisely was a far call due to inadequate tools, today the scenario has changed by many leaps. Conceptually, an air plasma cutter is a fascinating tool that is capable of shaping the world into a beautiful place around us. Capable of cutting metals of varied thickness, the plasma cutter works by functioning meticulously.

How the plasma cutter functions?

A plasma cutter ejects gas at a very high speed and at extremely high temperature. The energy in it is able to break the gas molecules and eventually the atoms start to split. After the energy amassed in heat is released, the electrons as discharged from atoms start to move around quite fast. Actually, the electrons are charged negatively that leave positively charged nuclei behind, which are known as ions. When the electrons collide with ions and electrons they are capable of releasing a lot of energy. This particular energy is known as plasma that achieves its unique capability of cutting power.

You can find plasma cutters in diverse sizes and shapes. From handheld ones to monstrous sizes, the cutters are able to make precise incisions. Just by sending pressurized gas including oxygen, nitrogen and argon; it creates a very thin channel through which plasma flows and breaks through the metals. The pressure of the discharged gas controls the overall radius of the plasma bean.

The application of a DC/AC TIG welding machine is commonly observed in industrial sectors. Such welding machines are regarded as new generation tools that are capable of welding high or low alloy-steels and aluminum with both direct and alternating current. These tools are packed with comprehensive control functions that enable to ease the work of welder with reliable functioning of the tool. In particular, the DC welding machines are energy saving and have high speed. Some of its other features include:

  • Low corrosion,
  • Helps in welding of non-ferrous and ferrous metals
  • Aid in accurate control of the various welding variables
  • Absolutely free of low distortion and spatter
  • Any kind of welding can be done with or without the filler metal

Acquiring such tools from the right source can only help in the varied cutting processes. In this context, Postech Co., Ltd., is worth mentioning that is a design manufacturing and designing firm. With unique expertise and specialisation, the company has its focus on welding, plumbing, refrigeration and industrial. Recognised as a couple-200 DC TIG welding machine manufacturer Korea, Postech is known for its integrity and excellence in quality. 

Just like Postech, it is easy to find other specialised companies in Korea, but getting highly-improved tools adept with invigorating features can aid in reshaping the industrial sector.  

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