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Posted by ansetechnologies on October 21st, 2014

ITS or Intelligent Transportation System is concerned with the analysis, control and design of information technology that is generally applied in the transportation system. Focused on a myriad of technical aspects, the ITS technology is all about managing and handling the complex structure of the entire transportation system. A lot of facets are involved in transportation system and this includes vehicles, humans, information technology, shipment, physical infrastructure and so on. These are the many uncertain, nonlinear and dynamic aspects that can actually perturb the transportation system making it more complicated. At times like this, the need of intelligent transportation system, ITS technology plays a crucial role in maintaining system and control in the entire network.

The Reason for the Need of ITS

The idea is to enhance safety and security of vehicles and humans on road. The technology involves stand-alone applications like warning and information systems, traffic management systems, as are usually installed in vehicles for managing vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications. With the objective to cater innovative services to various mode of transport, ITS enables drivers to be informed so that they can feel safer, more coordinated and can viably make proper use of transport networks.
ITS technology is also used for air and water transport, other than rail transport; incorporating navigation systems. ITS uses specialized technology and also relies on radio services for networking and communication. Whether it is the automotive industry or railway systems or maritime and aeronautical systems; the idea is to analyze the traffic network and accordingly design the transportation system for smooth and safe flow of traffic. To explain in simple words, ITS is the combination of a number of technologies, such as communications, information processing, electronics and control that are collectively applied to the transportation systems so as to cater a range of benefits like saving you money and time, along with bringing economic and environmental efficiency.

In a world, where transportation system has become more complicated, it is utmost essential to apply advanced technologies for better transportation networking. There are a number of companies engaged towards contributing to the era of transportation technology for a safer planet. Anse Technologies, Co., Ltd., is one of them that has its sole objective to provide designing and consulting services to customers on a very wide range of projects. The company boasts of its array of business endeavours, such as, telecommunications, infrastructure-related projects, railway, maritime safety, and so on. The company is also known for providing automatic identification system technology that is particularly used in vessels or ships by identifying other vessels through means of electronically exchanging data.

AIS automatic identification system aids in identifying the position, speed and course that are usually displayed on screen so as to allow maritime authorities and watch standing officers of the large ships to monitor and track vessel movement. The best part is that those vessels featuring AIS transponders and transceivers are quickly tracked by and spotted by AIS base stations that are generally located on coastlines.

Whether on road or in air or on water, the mission is to control the number accidents and simply the transportation network with control, design and analysis of the varied technologies.

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