A Broad Overview Of Wisconsin Surrogacy

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A number of couples find that they are not able to conceive children. They are considered as infertile if they cannot get pregnant even after trying for more than one year. According to a research, around 12% of women are infertile due to some reason or the other. Some couples can be treated with hormone therapies, drugs or surgeries, but others need to exercise advanced techniques, like IVF and donor insemination. Traces of surrogacy can be seen in the ages of Bible too. The number of surrogates is constantly growing since the last few decades, as it is one of the best and most sure-shot ways of having a child. The best thing is that the child is partially yours, unlike other methods like adoption.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy refers to the process when a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple. Although it is a legally as well as emotionally complex arrangement, a large number of couples are adopting Wisconsin surrogacy as a way of having children.

Why Wisconsin surrogacy

Couples choose surrogacy if the female partner cannot conceive, probably due to any of the following reasons:

  • She have had miscarriages in the past
  • If her health condition does not allow her to conceive and deliver a child
  • She has no or abnormal uterus
  • She could not benefit even from IVF treatment
  • She is in a same-sex relationship, etc.

How Wisconsin surrogacy works

The surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the intended father’s sperm through an IUI, after which the woman gets pregnant and delivers the baby. There is another method in which the surrogate mother carries donated embryo conceived through an IVF.

Advantages of surrogacy

If you cannot conceive, then Wisconsin surrogates gives you an opportunity to have a child which is at least partially your own. The procedure even allows same-sex couples to give birth to a child and enjoy parenthood.

Choosing a surrogate mother

The process of selecting a surrogate brings up a lot of thought. Some couples may ask a relative or friend to help them. But there are several negative impacts if the issue is not handled properly in terms of medical, legal and emotional concerns. A safer approach to finding a surrogate mother is to approach a Wisconsin surrogacy agency. These agencies meet, interview and screen interested surrogates before they suggest them to couples who want to avail the process. As there is a legal agreement between both parties, there are minimal chances of any upcoming issues. As both parties also do not know each other, the surrogate mother may not change her mind and come afterwards to claim the child.

So, hiring a Wisconsin surrogacy agency to find a surrogate for you is the best and safest method to have a child of your own, even if the doctors have diagnosed you as infertile.

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