Acne Laser Treatment- Minor Side Effects of the Procedure

Posted by cosmedicalskin on October 21st, 2014

Laser treatments are renowned worldwide and the success rate is striking just the right chord online. If you are jaded with the way you look and want to make the most of treatments that are available online then certainly you are on the right page. For acne being one major challenge, acne scars are right on their hunt. Moreover, laser treatments are usually successful; there are certain side effects like any other medical procedure. One should be aware of any such side effects before committing to the right procedure. It’s important to choose just a right reputable and well experienced doctor who can actually explain you the entire process before your undergo the procedure.

Apparently, laser treatments have their own risks and certain side effects to look for. Even though they are temporary and generally mild, here’s a list of few side effects that follow:

  • Redness and Little Swelling in the Area can be expected:  It can get a bit uncomfortable for many but for the matter of fact, it gets subside within just a few days. One can even go for iced packs, gel packs or cold packs to get rid of the symptoms.
  • Possible Sensitivity to Sun:  It is amongst the most unavoidable side effect of removing the top most layer of your skin. It’s important to apply SPF30 sun block if the treated area is to be exposed to sunlight within few months of treatment.
  • Possible Allergic Reaction: Allergic reactions may erupt by the laser treatment itself but rarely any patient has/ had any allergic reaction to the medications or creams used during the procedure. In case you have any known allergies, simply ask your doctor about it and he/she may ask you to use any substitution to help reduce risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Temporary Discoloration: As after the procedure is carried out, the area may feel and look lighter or darker. Avoid aggressive treatments and instead ask for better options which may not result in skin discoloration. Avoid that higher risk of skin darkening and instead use SPF after treatment to avoid any such condition. But in any case, your skin shall get back to its original color over the course of the next few months.
  • Blisters, burns, or crusting-  Even though there is comparatively less side effects that are associated with it, one can anyway choose to look for an experienced  professional who can offer you the best possible services. If any such thing happens simply use an antibiotic ointment and avoid picking at the affected area as it may get infected easily.

Generally saying, laser treatment for acne scars is every worth your investment as it’s a safe and hygienic procedure for one and all. These temporary side effects are totally worth it given you will successfully get rid of your scars and provide new you effect eventually.

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