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Posted by Johny Dean on October 21st, 2014

Planting a tree can seem like something that’s easy to do for just about anyone. This may be true if we’re talking about planting just one tree, or if we’re not interested in planting anything exotic. However, when it comes to planting many trees, or to planting certain types of trees, there’s more to just digging holes that we need to be thinking about. Professional tree surgeons Glasgow will know that we can’t just plant anything anywhere. The type of soil, the proximity to certain buildings or even other trees plays a critical role in a tree’s development.

We might ask ourselves how we know whether we’re talking to professional tree surgeons Glasgow or whether we’re simply talking to persons that just have experience in providing arboricultural services. The main difference is given by the fact that professionals are accredited by relevant institutions. A craftsman-level arborist will have the Royal Forestry Society’s (or RFS) Certificate in Arboriculture. Of course, this is not the only thing we need to be concerned about. An arborist must be aware and respect the T.P.O.’s or Tree Preservation Orders, the Planning Application processes (for Conservation Area status) and all other relevant and important legislation. While we may think that tree thinning, cutting and dismantling and tree planting Glasgow should be fairly easy to do and straightforward, the truth is that without even know it we may be doing something bad to the environment, something that we’re not supposed to do.

It is not just large companies or institutions that need to take care of their woodland, home owners and commercial trading partners can also hire the services of tree surgeons Glasgow. This is because the range of services that arborists offer can be very wide. While most arborists will focus on tree works like thinning and felling, crown reduction and lifting, and dismantling, some will also be able to construct fencing and walling. If we are interested in forming a natural barrier we can also consider hedging, a tree planting procedure that can easily isolate certain areas from winds, noise, and cover unaesthetic buildings. It’s important to call the services of professionals when it comes to tree planting Glasgow and especially if we’re considering cutting down trees because only they can tell us what impact our actions will have, and if we should be doing them or not.

The benefits of working with professionals don’t stop at the level of experience that they have in providing the type of services that we require, but also include the assessment of the risks and hazards that every operation they undertake represents. Furthermore, we will benefit from piece of mind due to their commercial insurance which offers public and employers liabilities. Other services that arborists and tree surgeons Glasgow can provide include rhododendron eradication, stump removal, herbicide application and site clearance. Whether we are interested in herbicide application or tree planting Glasgow, by getting in touch with experts we can deal with every problem in a safe and reliable manner.

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