Ball Valves For High Flow, High Temperature, High Pressure To Meet Piping Needs

Posted by royalprecision on October 21st, 2014

Ball valves play a special role in meeting the varying plumbing needs. Scientifically designed and precisely engineered, the ball valves help in controlling the pressure and flow of fluids in commercial and industrial piping systems. There are demanding situations within industrial sectors, where the need of controlling flow of fluids is intensely felt and so in that case, ball valves play a highly crucial role. Being featured with a tight shut-off system, the ball valves are particularly suited for the varied strength of flow control applications. Here, have a look to know where ball valves are widely applied:

  • Refining industry
  • Power industry
  • Catalytic Reforming industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Marine industry
  • Process industry

Engineers take into consideration a few things when designing the valves. First, they observe the demanding applications of the valve. Then, they check whether the varying temperature, pressure and flow conditions match the performances of the key component elements of the valve. The objective is to understand whether the ball valves meet the industrial needs with the right performance. As per the research trends, there is a gamut of ball valves manufacturers round the world, but you can spot the most eminent ball valves manufacturer in Korea. One highlighting example is the Royal Precision Ind Co., Ltd., known for its superior technology and accumulated know-how that has helped the company to emerge as a world leader. The company is engaged in manufacturing different types of ball valves, centrifuges and so on.

A dewatering decanter centrifuge is specially designed to meet demands of the different types of industries, such as, chemistry, environment, steel, food and so on. With dedication and devotion at every stage of manufacturing process, the company has achieved the potential to develop great products that can meet the varied industrial needs. Most importantly, the company is known for producing ball valves that are aimed towards meeting the different piping needs. You should know this that there are different types of ball valves available. The list is as follows:

  • Full bore ball valve
  • Reduced bore ball valve
  • V port ball valve
  • Cavity filler ball valve
  • Floating ball valve and so on

You must have heard of jacketed ball valves that are applied for specifically handling viscous materials or the kinds of materials that tend to solidify at normal or ambient temperatures. The best part is that these valves deter clogging especially when the valves come to a closed position. Jacketed valves are integrated with different types of designs to suit the myriad of applications, some of these designs are half jacketed, sulphur jacketed, tailor-made jacketed, full jacketed, stream jacketed and so on.

Today, the inevitability of ball valves is felt widely given its wide demand as felt within industrial zones. These ball valves are generally designed with stainless steel so that they can withstand pressure of liquid inside them and stays durable and strong over the years. Manufactured with key features and invigorating technology, the role of ball valves is crucial and pivotal most definitely. 

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