Health Benefits of Using Non-Stick Cookware

Posted by everten on October 21st, 2014

Hospitalisation and medical treatment is expensive, so it makes sense to invest in your health. Beyond eating healthy, you should also consider the items that you use to cook and prepare your food. Non-stick cookware is one of highly recommended replacements to conventional cookware because they do not require the use of cooking oil or butter. This means you can enjoy food with less fat and cholesterol.

Cook with No Oil

A lot of people still cook on pans that require cooking oil or butter to prevent the food from sticking to the surface. But did you know that a cup of oil or a cup of butter can have almost 2,000 calories in it? Vegetable oil can have around 1,927 calories per serving with 218 grams of fat. Even a serving of healthier Canola oil can have 124 calories with 14 grams of fat.

Most people use more oil than what is necessary to make sure that the food will not stick to the pan. But using too much means ingesting more calories and fat than what is recommended.

While our bodies need calories and a bit of fat, anything in excess can lead to weight gain and other health problems. Even if you use healthy products like olive oil, too much of it can negatively affect your body, too.

Better Food

Non-stick cookware lets you make less oily food and enable naturally fatty meats like bacon to cook in their own oils. And because the food does not stick to the pan's surface, the food looks better and more appetizing. With a non-stick pan, your food never looks burnt or overcooked. You will have no difficulty stirring or flipping your pancakes or fried meat.

Enjoy Low-Calorie Meals better

Using a lot of oil can reduce the health benefits of low-calorie foods like fish and chicken. Using non-stick cookware means using much less oil and keeping your food low in calories, so you can make the most of their health benefits.

Safer than Ever

There are on-going concerns about non stick cookware being dangerous to people's health due to the chemical properties of its non-stick surface. However, with proper care and cleaning, you can prevent the non-stick surface from chipping and mixing in with your food. Reputable manufacturers of non-stick cookware have developed better materials for their products, so be sure to purchase high-quality non-stick cookware. There are diamond-coated and ceramic non-stick cookwares as other options, too.

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