Learn About The Many Uses Of Bending Machines

Posted by nicemach on October 21st, 2014

With access to different kinds of bending machines, the diverse industrial sectors are particular in choosing the right kind of bending tools that can serve purposes. The purpose of these machines is to establish the required bends at workplaces. Particularly, a bend is created during a rotating and linear move. Bending machines incorporate high-precision bending technology that helps to deliver seamless products that comply with stringent quality guidelines. Precisely constructed with accuracy, these bending tools are designed to adjust stroke measurement, bending angle and angle measurement with the most discerning eyes.

Today, the use of CNC bending machines finds extensive popularity owing to its low set-up times and high flexibility. Nicemach Co., Ltd. is a Korean based company and it boasts of advanced technology to offer invigorating bending solutions for pipes, CNC tubes and wires. Known for its exceptional price and quality, the company heralds an outstanding performance in manufacturing of quality CNC spring forming machine, CNC pipe bending machine, wire bending machine and so on.

The Many uses of bending machines

Good bending quality can produce precise U shapes and V shapes and also other varied kinds of shapes with ease and maximum accuracy. While bending, the sheep metal piece has to be positioned on the die block so as to form the different kinds of shapes. When a sheet metal is bent it is stretched in length. Remember, the radius measured for the bend actually depends upon the dies used, the thickness of material and the also its properties. A bending machine comes with four different types of brakes, which determine the performance of the unit and it’s bending accuracy. Pan brake, box brake, cornice brake and press brake are the four types of brakes present in a CNC bending machine. Of all, the press brake is considered as highly complicated but most useful. It helps to form bends by clamping any work piece between a die and matching punch.

So far, you must have had a cursory glance at what a bending machine is and its uses. Now let’s get into the details of a CNC pipe bending machine, which is also recognised as tube bending machine that enables to reduce production cost to a lucrative extent and helps to add extra income to your business. The best part is that such machines are capable of offering professional and quality end product that can withstand anything. Now, when purchasing a pipe bending machine, you should look out for the following features:

  • Variable radii
  • fixed radii
  • ½ pipe bending heads
  • Straight coil or bar
  • Either right or left hand bending

Remember, the CNC machines are computer controlled and functions on the basis of computer software. The best part is that these machines hardly require human attention since they can run on their own. What an operator has to do is simply unload or load the machine, then set the right tools for the machine, and after that download software programme within the machine and start it by pressing the ‘start up’ button.

When looking for CNC products, it is best to reach out to Nicemach Co., Ltd., recognised as a renowned CNC spring forming machine manufacturer in Korea. Its products are reliable and meet industrial standards, so you can buy its products and enjoy its advantages. 

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