Brake Drums- How They Function And Work?

Posted by sjautomotive on October 22nd, 2014

Every time you set the engine on, you want your car to be in the right condition and perform well on roads. Driving a smooth running vehicle is a surreal experience and to ensure so you need to take your car to mechanics for servicing at regular intervals. If any major part of a vehicle breaks down, then it is the sign of any imminent danger that you should curb by finding the right solution. For clutches and brakes should be working fine only then you can avert any kind of obstacles on roads or accidents. However, if these are not working good, then check out with a mechanic immediately and fix them.

To ensure that the brakes and clutches are working fine, make it a point to check that your vehicle has all authentic parts. SJ Automotive, is a pro in manufacturing brake drum, clutch disc, radiator, compressor, engine, oxygen sensor, hose and pipe, door handles, mirror, etc; each of which is original and guarantee long life. The company is also known for being an expert brake drums manufacturer in Korea that believes in rendering maximum utilities and high degree of performance with each auto part.

Brake drums serve multiple purposes. One should be aware of it to understand how this important component works and functions.

• Brake drums significantly help to slam the rear wheels of any large truck or low performance vehicle.
• The brake drum is located at the point of rear axle that helps to generate friction by pumping up hydraulic pressure so as to gradually slow down the vehicle.

• Each component incorporated in the brake drum act to exercise force on the rear wheels to slow down and then stop. These components include brake shoes, brake drums, return springs, wheel cylinder and so on. The wheel cylinder is spotted on the upper surface of the drum brake featuring two pistons located inside it.

• When you apply brakes, the brake fluid pushes and pressurizes the piston outward. The force released help to slow down the brake shoes slowly against outer drum. Remember, the force is strong enough to create maximum friction to put a stop to a 2 ton vehicle.

• Remember, if you find the brakes malfunctional, then you should come and check out with a reliable mechanic, since failure of brakes lead to severe accidents.

• The main functioning principle of drum brakes is that it functions by transmitting a lot of energy in the process.

There are few common problems with drum brakes as countered by the driver more often. Here have a look.

• In extreme cold weather or in torrential rain, the outer drum brake tends to cool quickly because the protective coating covering the brake shoes start wearing off quickly. In such case warping is a serious problem that triggers a shudder when brakes are applied.  

• Sometimes, there might be leaks in the hydraulic cylinder causing flow of excessive liquid in drums and shoes. Since hydraulic pressure is meant to create friction,
but with leakage of fluid, friction and pressure are compromised.
Brake drums are significant and they should be in the right condition to function smoothly. Make sure that the auto parts are original in your vehicle and they are sourced from a reliable company. 

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