Give Your Sick Friend a Get Well Gift Hamper

Posted by agiftworthgiving on October 22nd, 2014

The great thing about gift hampers is that they can be filled with just about anything that you know the recipient is interested in and will appreciate. While gifts are more commonly given to express fondness, affection, they are also great for showing care and concern when a friend or a loved one is experiencing sickness or is on the road to recovery. Get well gift hampers are the perfect gifts to present sick friends when they are not in the best of health. Like any other type of gift baskets or hampers, get well hampers can also be customised and tailored to include items that the recipient will like best or those that will help them get through recovery faster.

Here is a step-by-step guide to giving a get well gift hamper to sick friends and family:

  • Before you even think about the contents of the get well hamper, make sure that you know where to send the loot. Know the exact address or the address of the hospital or facility of the person to whom you would like to send the gift to. There are gift hamper companies that offer special delivery options and services, but you can always bring the gift yourself if you want to show your concern in a more personal way.
  • Consider the personality of the recipient. Fruit baskets are the ultimate get well gifts, but they often remind the sick person more about their condition. If you want to distract them from their health a while, giving them a hamper-full of things that they personally enjoy will do the trick well. Including things that they can enjoy once they get out of the hospital or once they return to full health is also a good idea. This gives them something to look forward to, which can help speed up their recovery.
  • Choose your gift items carefully. You can put just about anything in a get well hamper. Some awesome gift ideas to a sick or recovering friend include comfort items like water bottle cardigans, pamper products, reading materials, teddies, and even scented candles. Gourmet food items as well as different types of teas and dried fruits are also great gift items to include, along with other things that promote health. You may even send a traditional flower basket along with your gift hamper to brighten up their day even more.

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