How to Choose Men's Wedding Bands?

Posted by Olivia Rodrigo on January 29th, 2021

Do wedding bands have to be unique? For all men, a wedding band is the only piece of jewelry they will wear. When it comes to an engagement ring, you have many choices. But for the wedding, the band is what marks your day, the rituals, and memories.

When you look at the fine details, it's the occasion that makes a huge difference. Women can make several choices in earrings, chains, bracelets, and more. But for men, choosing from an array of wedding bands is essential.

The Styles in the Wedding Bands for Men

Wedding rings are more popular as wedding bands, especially for men. The bands can be simple or elaborate. Typically, the men wear simple bands, but it does not mean that you select any band, and the job is over.

If you search, you will find that even the simple bands come in various styles and makes. Let us know about some types in the men's wedding band section.

1 – The Traditional Classic Band

It is the most common –in-use classic creation that adorns the male finger. It is often found plain, without any rocks, carving, or any other frills. However, these beauties are timeless. 

2 – The Carved Angles

Though it's like the classic band, the difference is the stand-out edges that add a varied look. Some men may find it appealing, with the fine edges standing out on the delicate curve of a classic band. 

3 – The Diamond Element

Though expensive, the diamonds can add that shine and sparkle to a wedding band for men. Follow your heart when choosing the number of tiny rocks you want, or go for a single elegant stone.  

About the Metals

That was all about the style. Let's discuss the metals that you can choose for your wedding band. 

1 – Platinum

Undoubtedly, platinum happens to top the list when it comes to wedding bands for women. This rare element has a silvery-white appearance, is extremely durable, looks classy, and is not known to cause any skin reaction. 

2 – Cool White Gold

Palladium is gold coated with a rhodium –finish to give a unique luster. Rhodium comes from the palladium group and is soft. Sometimes you find white gold as nickel or silver with rhodium polish. However, the color is always white. If the white fades, you can still get a new finish. 

3 – Bright Yellow Gold

The bright yellow metal is one of the classic materials for jewelry. Gold is highly ductile and malleable, so other metals are added for strength. You may find gold as a mixed metal. The purity is determined by the levels of mixing and is measured in karats. 

4 – Pink Rose Gold

It is yet another hot favorite in the contour wedding band segment. It is a blend of gold, copper, and silver. For those who like it, it creates a period look. 

For the Final Word

Select your stackable wedding bands as you like themby shopping with a reputed jeweler who offers vast choices to meet your requirements. 

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