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Enrich your knowledge with information on soul retrieval

Posted by tedmark on October 23rd, 2014

In spirit medicine, the shamanic practice of soul retrieval is considered to be one of the most significant levels of healing. Now, the question is: what does the term mean? According to the Shamans, man is born with a specific power or energy that is good enough to sustain him through life. However, we are often associated with events or relationships that take away part of the energy we are born with. When this energy is lost, a ‘hole’ in our energy field is produced through which our power leaves us. This circumstance is referred to as soul loss. To recover from a certain medical condition or maintain good health, it is important to retrieve the energy or power we have lost. This procedure is referred to as soul retrieval. Thus, if you are ill and want to recover, you can take a Shamanic journey or consider going through a soul retrieval process.

A man going through Shamanic journey does so for spiritual healing. This practice of spiritual healing is not new and it was a common procedure a very long time ago. Soul retrieval was practiced in many parts of the world using similar techniques. Mostly indigenous people used to practice shamanism for illness recovery. However, now many schools that offer training on soul retrieval have emerged across the world.

What happens during soul retrieval? The shaman and his animal involved in a soul retrieval procedure visit an extra ordinary reality and watch incidents that happened in the life of his client in the past. The shaman actually has no way of knowing about these incidents before taking the Shamanic journey. As soon as the shaman talks about what he has watched during the shamanic journey, the client recalls the incident as seen during the soul retrieval process. He is also able to remember the details involved in the event. The client remembers these things either instantly or sometimes later in the future.

If the client was extremely shocked or very young when the incident occurred, there are high chances that he will not remember the occurrence. However, remembering the incident is not important for soul retrieval. In most of the instances, during the experience, many soul parts are prepared to come back and assist the client in his life.

Soul retrieval is an extremely practical approach that can offer an instant and powerful outcome. When it comes to explaining the soul retrieval process, the shamans claim that when we are traumatized, hurt, abused, or neglected for some reason, parts of our soul break up and get lost or trapped in the ‘other worlds’. Psychological disturbance, accidents, childhood neglect are some of the common causes of approaching a soul retrieval expert.

If you want to be a shaman, you should visit a school whose teachers have the aim to teach its students about how to be a shaman. Make sure that school you approach is a reliable organization.

If you want to acquire knowledge about soul retrieval, you can visit our website. Browse through our website to learn about shamanic journey.

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