Shamanic Journey for Your Mind, Body and Soul

Posted by SharonEvans on October 23rd, 2014

 If your inner peace is somewhat disturbed and you have been trying your best to recover, it is advised to embark on a shamanic journey. Shamanic trips are conducted to offer new insights to inner pilgrimages. Not only does it help to build confidence, but it also gives a lot of inner strength which will help you deal with problems in life. So, what are you waiting for? Explore spiritual retreats with one of the organizations that provide such services. These institutions lead shamanic teachings based trips to Peru, Chile and the Andes. They introduce the travelers to the sacred traditions and take them to the expeditions to Peru’s Amazon, the Sacred Valley, Ausangate and Apu Salkantay. There you can meet people of different origins and experience the teachings of the Shamans. The Shamans conduct various energy healing programs and vision quests to help the travelers strengthen their inner resolve and vision.

During your shamanic journey you will be within a community and therefore you are likely to have the opportunity to spend some good time with like-minded people. These organizations are located in comfortable hotels from where their travel destination is quite close. Each day you will depart with a group of travelers and you will be accompanied by the company staff, guides as well as the Shamans. While you start working with all of them in an archaeological site, the head of the organization may join you to share the visions and objectives of such spiritual trips. Additionally, the Shamans arrange healing ceremonies to enable the travelers to deal with and safely release their emotional, spiritual or physical traumas.
During the journey you will realize the Pachakuti, which according to the Shamans cannot be acquired just by reading a book or by following spiritual lectures. They believe that one needs to experience the process in order to gain the wisdom. So, it is essential to have a first-hand experience for your energy healing. These shamanic trips are normally conducted for ten to twelve days though the period of time can vary from organization to organization. During the trip you will experience a wonderful spiritual retreat and you will stay in some of the best lodges that offer superior comfort. Also, you will meet the Laika medicine people when attending the ceremony and participate in their rites.

Besides, yoga, individual healing session and meditation is also carried out to enhance your personal growth. Where yoga helps to rejuvenate your body and soul, meditation will help calm yourself, concentrate and deal with difficult situations. However, if the shamans feel that you need individual sessions they will even organize that to ensure proper healing. If you are therefore interested in taking a shamanic journey there are many spiritual trip organizers you can reach out to. To understand whether they deliver standard services or not, it is important to do some research about them. It is recommended to browse through their website or read about their trips thoroughly to find useful details. Also, you can read their clients’ reviews to check whether the sessions and the journey are effective or not.

Willing to take a shamanic journey? Our Shamans conduct effective energy healing sessions during the trip.

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