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Posted by Johny Dean on October 24th, 2014

PAT testing Birmingham stands for inspecting electrical appliances and it is a very important part of health and safety policies. Residential properties that are rented out and commercial spaces must inspect the appliances once a year. This is because it is important to promote safety and because not all appliances are of high quality, considering that many are imported from other countries and they come at a very cheap price. As long as they are working properly and they do not represent a risk, there is nothing wrong in using them. Many electrical accidents occur in households and in businesses and a part of them are due to faulty portable devices. Employees are required to find electricians to conduct electrical testing Birmingham and make sure their portable appliances are checked, so that they comply with Electricity and Work regulations. It is their legal responsibility, promoting a safe working environment for all employers.

There are a number of circumstances that need to be followed when using electrical equipment and appliances. To begin with, mentioning where the appliances are used by employers is important, such as shops, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, schools and such. PAT testing Birmingham is quite complex and requires someone authorized to conduct the job. Nevertheless, there are experienced and professional electricians that offer such services. It is important to look for them, as not electricians specialise in such an area of practice. Examinations are required and special equipment need to be used. At the end of the electrical testing Birmingham, electricians will present a report mentioning the condition of the appliances.

Some electricians conduct PAT testing Birmingham visually, while others use specialised equipment, depending on the company you choose to collaborate with. Appliances will be subjected to electrical testing Birmingham of various kinds to assure they are working safely. After the actual checks, labels will also be placed on appliances, specifying details about when the testing was completed, when is the following one recommended and any other important information about the company that was in charge of the job. Businesses will be able to record the information and to prove that they are following guidelines and everything is working properly, without violating any laws.

Some business owners might consider all these procedures invasive and costly, having electricians year after year in the facility, inspecting every element during electrical testing Birmingham, unplugging it and so. However, PAT testing Birmingham is required for all businesses in the UK, since it can considerably reduce injury risks for all employers in the workplace and for the entire business to be honest. No one wants a fire to start or other hazards that will eventually lead to losing money, time and serious financial investments to put the business back on its feet. Any small fault can develop into a serious problem, causing injuries and even losses. Businesses will lose their reputation and goods and they can be subjected to lawsuits as well.

Is it time for the annual PAT testing Birmingham? Don’t allow unauthorized people to take care of electrical testing Birmingham, instead think of your facility’s security and those who work there.

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