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Posted by articlelink01 on October 24th, 2014

Very few people have basic information that is important in buying draperies. That is very crucial especially when you are planning to shop at Drapery Winnetka because they have a wide variety of drapery to choose the best from. Your imaginations just like those of other buyers are diversified and that should be the leading point for you. This article will touch on a few basic things that you need to have before embarking on buying drapery. It will be very helpful in the final decision that you end up making.

One-way draw traverse is a treatment that you can use to have all the drapery stacked on a single side. If your window is made of sliding glass that will open up in the same direction then you will be well recommended to use this one. It has rods that you can pull either left or right. The two-way traverse is a very classical drapery and will pull from both the right and left sides towards the central point. It is the most popular among the different treatments used for windows. Shirred curtains have a fabric that is congregated on the rod but does not move automatically. If the fabric is not split, you will have to tie it on a single side but it can work on both sides once split.

Café curtains are another of the basic treatment that Drapery Winnetka offers to its customers. They hung on the rod and cover half of the window either from the top or bottom. It can move manually using rings attached to the rod. Double-hung traverse draperies come designed with two different fabrics one placed on top and the other one down. They both open and close autonomously and their decorative appeal is superb. It is good for use in any part and room of the house. Ruffled tiebacks are mostly used on the upper part of a window where they are gathered and crossed. This design is aimed at offering the best aesthetic value while French door traverse rods are used for doors only.

They are made of a one-way fabric and are detached from the molding to make sure they don’t inhibit movements in and out of the house. French door traverse rods are available in either left or right draw so you have to choose the most suitable one. There is also the decorative traverse with cafes that you will come across at Drapery Winnetka. It is featured on the bottom end of the window plus a drapery hanging and firmly held in place by hardware. Sliding fabric panels have tailored looks courtesy of the panels that hang loosely from the ceiling. If your window panels are uneven or door has sliding glass then this is the right treatment to go for.

It is very important to be informed on some of the terms as well as treatments that you are most likely to get at Drapery Winnetka. It will be disastrous if you shop from an ignorant point since what you buy at Shutters Oak Park or any other place will not be the right ones.

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