How A NetSuite Partner Can Help You Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign

Posted by Fatima on January 29th, 2021

What are NetSuite Email Best practices?

Best practises require diligent management of recipient lists that have opted to accept the emails and the use of DKIM and project email domains. With both practices in place, this will improve your deliverability and reduce the spam recorded in your email addresses.

1. Only send emails from a domain that you maintain: never send emails on behalf of clients, never submit emails from accounts that use DNS records that you cannot access, and only use an email message that guarantees that your domain is specified in the returned email address area.

2. Ensure you handle your scripts: track your SuiteScript automated email scripts on a regular basis. Often uninstall outdated scripts or devalued customizations.

3. Strictly comply with the correct DNS documents set up for DKIM and DMARC regulations for the entire network of the business.

4. Align & Verify: If your business email goes between the provider of your mailbox and NetSuite, ensure that your mail passes the SPF check.

5. Keep it clean: Honor requests to unsubscribe, do not forward and send material from an anonymous source to an account, and also never send spam.

NetSuite offers the tools your marketing department needs to optimise your email campaigns and build your brand in order to help you reach your audience effectively. NetSuite uses email history to recognise the percentage of replies, incorrect email addresses, and spam complaints from recipients and ISPs if your emails comply with best practices.

Be sure to encourage recipients to opt-in, set up an email domain, set up a Domain Key Defined Mail (DKIM), and then send campaign emails to recipients who have replied to previous campaigns to boost and maximise the overall deliverability of the campaign emails. To better understand this, you could even consider collaborating with a NetSuite solution provider like Aarialife. 

Secure your internal staff and your clients from unsolicited mail, spam campaigns and make the best out of your internal media campaigns with ease of distribution and transparency.

With anti-spoofing technologies in operation, domain owners now have power over strengthening their email credibility and setting expectations for big ISPs and mail service providers on the network. Using these email best practises, tips and business principles to improve distribution and reduce the frequency of spam reporting on your accounts.

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