Training to Survive: Online Active Shooter Training in Florida

Posted by Defender School LLC on January 29th, 2021

Preparing Today for a Safer Tomorrow!

It is designed to present an overview of the Defender school in addition to recent and past incidents involving active shooter events. The classes will provide important lessons to be learned that can save lives. The training also includes videos and hands-on demonstrations with safety in mind, to provide you the visual examples of the actions and can take to increase their sustainability of an active shooter incident. Active shooter training centers in Florida addresses the warning of an active shooter by providing consciousness, preparation, and response methods.

What do you know by the term Active Shooter Training?

It defines an individual vigorously engaged in killing and attempting to kill people in a densely populated area. The term active shooter training is stated and well designed to minimize mass casualties in the event of an active threat or active shooter.

Schedule an Active Shooter Online Training, in Florida with Defender School

Do you feel prepared for an intruder in the work or public place? Our only mission is to empower teachers, staff, and law enforcement with the information and the tactics necessary to protect and defend innocent lives. Navigate through our website and learn about what makes our team the first choice for active shooter training Florida.

Online Active Shooter Training

This online active shooter training has been prolonged including further information regarding workplace violence, pre-incident indicators, and terrorism. It has been bespoke for a unique online delivery that challenges participants to make split instant decisions that could be the difference between life and death. Partakers will learn new techniques on how to stay alive in an active shoot taught by a professional instructor and security expert. This online active shooter training is considered for civilians to enhance their personal adjustability and the possibility of surviving in an incident before the police arrive. At the end of the online curriculum, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of how active shooter incidents evolve.

Some instructions including are:

  • Active shooters statistics.
  • The principles of responding to an active shooter event (Run, Hide, Fight).
  • Be active and aware of your surroundings.
  • Identify and respond to suspicious persons.
  • Law enforcement’s action to an active shooter or in any dangerous situation.

Increase survivability in the facade of violent critical incident with proactive strategies

Defender School Active Shooter Training strategies reduce anxiety, duration of time, and casualties in the violent critical incident. Defender School strategies save lives.

  • Strategies that can be used by anybody.
  • Strategies are supported by research. 
  • Increase survivability with training.
  • Empowering persons to participate in their own survival.

The Impact of Active Threat Response Training

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Our Defender school teaches Active Threat Response Training to provide employees with the education that can help improve response time and additional consequences during a workplace violence event. Among the many crises, a workplace gun violence event is one of the most devastating. While the attack may be surprised, the staff can be prepared for it.

We are the leader in Active Shooter Response Training- provide a comprehensive and customized program that includes classroom training, site survey, and scenario-based representation. Online active shooter training schools in Florida must be customized to meet the needs of the community. 

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