Purpose Of Wire Bending Jigs To Render Smooth Performance Of Auto-Parts

Posted by syteccoltd on October 24th, 2014

Today, a car is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. The number of automobiles plying each day has increased manifold indicating the significance of automobiles in our lives. There are many essential automotive parts that guarantee smooth functioning and performance of cars. These are the many complex automobile parts that are technologically sound and manufactured with high precision. With years of rigorous performance, the auto parts tend to wear down and become weak in performance. As a result, you need some fixtures and mechanical services to restore your car. Of the many tools, a wire bending jig is highly useful owing to its many applications for bending stubborn wires by yourself without giving visit to a mechanic and incur heavy expenses.

Make sure that you buy the jig from a trust-worthy company, specialised in manufacturing authentic auto parts. You must have heard of Sy Tec Co., Ltd., a wire bending jig manufacturer in Korea known for their advanced engineering procedures and superior quality parts. As contribution to the business environment, the company has been putting in its level best to focus on technologies, products and organisational structures for the ultimate output. Follow the discussion below to know the purposes of jigs and their contribution in performance of auto parts.

Purposes of Wire bending jigs and their contribution in performance

Jigs are manufactured out of cast aluminum and they are used to bend varied shapes and sizes of wires to attain angular bends and the complex curves, which would otherwise be impossible with your hands. It is regarded as one of the most essential tools that is used for fixing the many car parts. A jig serves handy for exercising heavy force simply by mounting the jig to a bench. Hard metal like steel is highly difficult to bend with bare hands and this can be done with a jig even for lower gauges. Jigs with long handle bring in more force for moving stubborn wires without any difficulty.

As an instance, we would like to give the example of how sills are fixed in cars with use of jigs. Follow the right procedures for monitoring the alignment of sills, which are regarded as important part of cars. If they become weak in strength, then they can can get twisted or shrink down bringing obstruction in closing the door properly. A jig will help to mend the damage of sills so that the doors can be closed without any problem.

Apart from what has been mentioned jigs have many other applications to ensure strong fittings and fixtures for rendering smooth performance of your vehicle. While it is important to straighten wires or curve wires as per the requirement, a dowel pin is yet again a crucial part that aids in keeping the various automotive parts in a locked and tight position. The idea is to fasten bolts and the various components from falling off, which can lead to vibrations and poor performance of car parts.

As a dowel pin manufacturer in Korea, Sy Tec Co., Ltd., puts in its best efforts to produce innovative products by using its state-of-art facilities. From jigs to dowel pins, cargo rings, heater-nipple, water pump nipple; the company specializes in all kinds of auto products. Hence, if you need any of these products, you know whom to turn to. 

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