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The field of bio-engineering has seen a great leap in the recent years due to the dedicated researches that led to the discovery of techniques of DNA sequencing, and engineering for better diagnosis of diseases and enhanced treatments to the mankind. The Korea based manufacturing and marketing business, GenieBio Corp has played an important role in this scientific development aimed towards improving the quality of human life. The company has a range of products serving to the needs of researches and studies in the field of food testing, DNA analysis, molecular diagnostics, gene sequencing and bioinformatics. Providing the best quality products and the best service at the most reasonable price is the moto of the company and in order to achieve this goal GenieBio has implemented a state-of-the-art set up for robotics and instrumentation.
Molecular Diagnostic Kits from GenieBio

The molecular diagnostic kits are one of the most vital equipment in the diagnostic market. These kits can be used for pinpointing pathogens and for DNA sequencing as per the requirements of the study. High quality molecular diagnostic kits with reagents, two dimensional chromatography, and fluorescent sequencing tools are a signature product of GenieBio Corp. This kit can be efficiently used to sequence part of any genetic material or a large sequence of bases with high accuracy. These kits make an essential tool in research laboratories, hospitals, universities and scholastic institutions. The product from GenieBio meets with the best standards of science and the regulations set by the bio-engineering authority. The kit gives 100% accurate results and can be used easily with the help of the manuals. 

PCR Enzymes

Polymerase Chain Reaction makes the basis of genetic engineering. For gene sequencing, gene tagging and many other type of genetic researches, PCR makes a vital process. Apart from the sequencing kits, GenieBio also produces all the types of PCR Enzymes and reagents in order to serve the scientific community with the best resources. This dedicated and one of the largest Bio-engineering product manufacturers of Korea supplies thermostabledna polymerase that can be used in the PCR reaction for the best output. DNA polymerase act as an essential enzyme for PCR which is primarily used for multiplying short DNA segments; and the efficiency of the process highly depends on the quality of the enzyme used in the process. Geniebio Corp. is a renowned manufacturer of best quality thermostabledna polymerase in korea and the company also supply the enzyme across  different countries for the purpose of bio-engineering and bio-pharma based researches.     

Other products
Apart from the Molecular Diagnostic kits and PCR enzymes and reagents Geniebio corp. also manufactures and markets total animal breeding system along with all the physiochemical equipment and lab animal care system. The company also offers lab animal products and consultancy on lab designing and maintenance. Centrifuges of different varieties, starting from, Micro centrifuge, large centrifuge, ultra-centrifuge, multipurpose centrifuge and Blood bag centrifuge to Medical centrifuge are manufactured and supplied across the world by GenieBio. The company also offers sequencing and bioinformatics based services to government, academic institutions, as well as pharmaceutical, life science and biotechnology sectors.

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