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Posted by Johny Dean on October 24th, 2014

No artist will ever tell you that the road to success is smooth and easy to pass through. However, it is worth fighting for this achievement. But in order to become a successful artist, you will need to make your artworks public. An art gallery Wandsworth can be the perfect place to exhibit your works and start making connections with new clients, art critics and media contacts because you get to meet so many new people!

Art does not reach its full potential if it is not shared with other people. However, making a name in the art world is one of the most difficult things to achieve as an artist. If you do not reach to the right public, you risk attracting unwanted critics and breaking into this beautiful world on a bad note. For this reason, finding a great art gallery Wandworth is highly important.

The art gallery Wandsworth you choose will help you connect with a wide range of people. Art galleries keep in touch with a large list of clients and they make new connections on a regular basis. Clients go to specific art galleries because these usually specialize in particular artistic style. For instance, Russell Gallery is an art gallery that focuses on promoting modern British art Putney. Their most famous painters’ lists include names such as Jacqueline Williams, Richard Pikesley or Jason Bowyer. Apart from painting, they also exhibit sculptures on a regular basis, from artists like Stuart Anderson and Anita Mandl.

One of the other reasons why you should have an exhibition at an art gallery is because they also handle the advertising part. Art galleries work with many media collaborators and they will make sure that the events are well promoted to attract as many clients as possible. Even more, art critics that specialize in modern British art Putney will be invited to attend your event. Art galleries also hire people that pursue the clients to purchase your painting. If you are not great at selling things, you should not bother with that at all! These people are doing their job very well and they are familiar with the taste of the clients.

At Russell Gallery, every artist gets the chance to exhibit his artworks in a space that values his creations to the most. Even though your studio may look nice, the lighting and the décor within an art gallery will always have a better impact. As an artist, Russell Gallery gives you the opportunity to enjoy a solo show just for you. Nevertheless, you also have the possibility to participate at larger events, where almost 70 different artists participate twice a year. It is a great opportunity to interact with other artists and see which artworks are mostly appreciated by the public.

Remember that the art gallery Wandsworth you chose will determine your path towards success. If you are specializing in modern British art Putney, Russell Gallery is looking forward to displaying your beautiful and unique artworks!

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