What Is The Role Of A Real Estate Agent While Purchasing/Selling A House?

Posted by Lukas Knight on January 29th, 2021

The concept of purchasing and selling the house should be simple and straightforward but in reality, that is often not the case. Due to legal and regulatory changes in recent years’ real estate is considered to be a complex area of the law. There could be municipal and county laws that will impact the transaction.Lots of issues may arise so prepare yourself to handle these issues. Make sure you work with an attorney who has good experience in real estate matters and has knowledge about the area where the property is geographically located. Hiring an experienced real estate attorney is beneficial.The reasonable fees associated with the legal service that an attorney provides is one of the greatest value in the real estate transaction.Despite advocating with your best interest as well as advising you in practical aspects of your sale the attorney will provide lots of essential services like.

1. Evaluating the contract and supplemental documents
2. Advice on inspection issues
3. Display critical dates
4. Review and clear the title if required
5. Prepare the transportation document if necessary
6. Explaining all the detailed information of documents to the client.

In selling/purchasing of house, lots of paperwork is involved. In the paperwork, much of the work is regarding the contract itself which will contain dense text with legal terms that sometimes you may not recognize. It is your lawyer who will interpret the legalese and advise you regarding some of the actions to take. He will let you know whether to sign the document or revise it to create more favourable terms for you. It is you who can discuss other typical agreements with your attorney to determine if they are appropriate for your particular circumstances.
Some of the examples are mentioned below:

1. Leasing of the option to purchase the property
2. Closing of the Possession Agreements in advance
3. Repairing if the Escrow Agreements, and
4. Property Tax Reprobation Agreements.

Throughout the course of the transaction, there are lots of other legal issues that can arise. Some of those issues may easily resolve whereas others may require a proper strategy combined with vigorous negotiation in order to find the common ground amongst the parties. In case there are some consequences for failing then your attorney can also advise you about that to comply with the terms of the contract. He/she can advise you to review that with you the potential legal issues regarding tenant and landlord issues.

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