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Many legal scholars and practitioners return to a plain, traditional taxonomy when describing international law. It is safe to assume that an international lawyer works on international public law or a body of law dealing with relations between States, as well as between States and other bodies, such as international organisations. Alternatively, an international lawyer might focus on private international law, a law that deals with the relationships between private parties who are typically involved in cross-border transactions.Private international law lays down procedural rules that are specific to the substantive law applicable to the relationship between the parties, to the proper venue for the resolution of their disputes and to the effect of a foreign judgement. That is theIt is primarily based on national or local law.


The importance of the withering of the demarcation of public-private international law goes well beyond semantics and theory. There is no question that the new generation of lawyers and legal scholars working in international law understand that successful solutions to international legal problems enable them to work seamlessly between the public and private spheres. Over the past decade, this realisation has become acute, especially given the growth and rising influence of companies operating in multiple jurisdictions.

The fluidity presents a unique challenge to the academy, one that, with little contact between the two, has largely separated its law faculties into public international law and private international law for many years. While some law schools woke up years ago to the need for a problem-focused, transnational solution, others have languished in formalism, refusing to abandon obsolete course names and techniques. In its complete and rich context, law students and lawyers worldwide will be well served to be taught international law as international law and they could expect nothing less. In the era of competitiveness, it is very important to choose the best international law firm that fits you criterions. DU PLOOY Law is your one-stop destination for all your legal needs.

Du Plooy Law is a law firm focused on consumers that aims to motivate our customers to thrive. We aim to build good relationships that go beyond legal deliverables and seek to learn as much as possible about your business reality.The more we are able to incorporate a realistic approach and predict your potential legal needs, the more we appreciate your business needs, priorities, attitudes, challenges and desires. This enables us to add value better and is why, for years, our owner-operator business customers have relied on us as trusted advisors.


When dealing with legal matters, we aim to inspire our clients. Good communication is an important part of building a successful relationship, so when you need us, we are available to chat. We want to ensure that our advice is accessible; we need to use simple, straightforward and plain English to adapt our written communications and drafting to modern business.Many of the partnerships we meet, be it with our team members consisting of eminent international law lawyers, customers, or a number of specialists such as attorneys, accountants, investment brokers and other agents, are subject to these relationship management principles.

Providing you with realistic advice is our approach to legal services. As much of your situation as possible, such as business needs, goals, personalities, problems and wishes, we try to understand. Since the law does not operate in isolation, all relevant factors are integrated into our evaluations and advice. It follows that, in line with our emphasis on relationships, the more we work with you, the more we understand the variables that affect your company. This helps us to add value better. That's why for years, most of our clients who are close-owned companies have relied on us as trusted advisors.To help us work rapidly and effectively, this emphasis on realistic solutions also applies to creativity and technology in our own systems.

Du Plooy Law is a company law firm working under the guiding philosophy of putting our relationships with clients above all else. Our team of robust and competent lawyers believe in educating, engaging with and inspiring our customers to help them fuel their success, as the lifeblood of our business.

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