Why You Can't Ignore QA in 2021?

Posted by Consagous Technologies on January 29th, 2021

For any company offering custom software development services, the importance of Quality Assurance (QA) cannot be emphasized enough. QA is a highly essential aspect of any software project, making sure that any software conforms to certain quality standards and guidelines pre-defined by the clients.

While a few years ago QA didn’t enjoy the importance it does today, several companies have a dedicated QA team that ensures the highest quality of any software product that comes out from a company.

Software products might be attractive and solid in their coding structure, but that becomes relevant only when they are error-free too. This is where software testing and quality assurance comes into play. 

Quality Assurance and Mobile App Development

In the quality ecosystem, QA refers to a process that brings about an ‘assurance’ regarding the overall quality of any manufactured software. With QA, there is a high level of focus on the procedures that are used to bring a quality product to the world.

This quality gets achieved by comparing the output with a number of previously determined requirements and the steps undertaken during the entire process. 

Quality Control is closely related to QA, where QC is a part of the entire QA concept as a whole, including the activities concerned with the identification of errors and giving feedback on the same.

QA and QC are the most crucial practices that ensure the proper quality of manufactured software. They cannot be substituted with each other, and work best when used in tandem with each other. While QA allows a proper flow of processes, QC ensures that every process adheres to the predefined guidelines. 

Benefits of QA that Make it Absolutely Critical

1- Quality Assurance Saves a Lot of Time 

While the initial impression of QA might make you feel like it is time-consuming, it’s actually saving you time in the longer run. If QA is incorporated in every step of the SDLC or software development life cycle, things can be streamlined to eliminate the errors pretty early on. 

Taking care of errors in the earlier stages is less time-consuming when compared with the time it would have taken to eliminate them in the later stages of the development cycle.

2- The Requirements Stay Pretty Organized

With QA, it is very easy to keep every aspect of software development independent and cohesive from each other. From the setting of guidelines to taking care of other related elements involved, everything remains pretty organized with proper QA criteria in place. 

Software testing and quality assurance services today are highly focused on ensuring that the requirements stay organized and compact in a way that issues can be tackled independently while also becoming a part of the overall project perfectly as well.

3- Software Testing Brings More Confidence in the Product

With timely testing and implementation of quality measurement practices, there is a feeling of confidence regarding the soundness of a software product.

The best thing about testing is that just a small number of tests are enough to ensure the proper quality of a product. Because the main motive behind any software is the creation and delivery of some kind of value for the end-user, poor quality will never be of help to the matter.

4- QA Keeps Up with Delivering an Amazing User Experience

Software quality assurance service providers are fully aware of the fact that an impeccable user experience will keep customers engaged with the product for a pretty long period of time.  Today, user experience is everything, and it defines how well a product is going to perform once it gets live in the market. 

If a software product has multiple bugs or tends to get pretty slow in operations, it then hampers the overall experience for users. An unsatisfied or frustrated user is bad news for the software as a whole, and the damage can be irreversible.

With the right set of QA practices, the overall experience of a user can be made absolutely delightful within the same software product, leading to a highly satisfying experience, that will surely bring in recommendations from a satisfied end-user.

5- QA Brings an Added Level of Safety to the Product

Thanks to digital adoption, the world has surely become a convenient place. What we tend to miss is the fact that this digital ecosystem is also a place for regular cyber threats. Consistent testing and QA measures ensure that a product is always relevant and secure, even if such potential hacking or cyberattacks become more advanced in nature.

Proper QA more often than not, leads to the discovery of errors in the system architecture that end users will always have a hard time finding out. 

6- QA Makes Things Better Organized and More Productive

If any fault or bug is found within the software in the final stages of development, it will lead to absolute chaos and frustrated communication between multiple teams. This is never positive news for any company.

Ensuring efficient QA right from the beginning to end, at every step of development will make things a lot more peaceful and better organized as well. The productivity also stays positive as a result. Agile methodologies enable the development teams to work on and deliver defined work chunks within the prescribed timelines and begin with the testing right away. 

Consagous Technologies is a highly-reputed company with a team of experienced software quality assurance service providers, ensuring that your software product is simply marvelous and perfect in every sense.



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