The Inevitable Features Of Evaporators In Refrigerators

Posted by zephyrcoltd on October 24th, 2014

The invention of refrigerators was a milestone in the history of innovative household appliances. Unlike those old days, you need not worry about stored foods getting spoiled due to the cooling effect of refrigerators. The presence of evaporators in air conditioning systems and refrigerators has the most influential role making life more comfortable and minimizing the number of daily chores or activities. Here, have a read of the following to know the most useful features of an air conditioning or refrigerator evaporator.


  • The evaporator coil offers maximum function in refrigerators and it plays a highly crucial role. It is also known as the heat exchanger
  • Compressed gas is released through a capillary tube or expansion valve and enters the evaporator section wherein the temperature and pressure drops. The process of heat transfer happens in between the chamber and evaporator
  • Since heat is attracted more to cooler areas, the evaporator absorbs the hot air
  • Refrigerants are capable of reaching quickly at the boiling point, since they have the lowest boiling point at -21 degree Celcius. After absorbing heat, the refrigerants turn into the gas state.
  • After the compressed gas gets expanded inside the evaporator, its turns into low pressure and eventually the temperature plummets to -25 degree celcius.
  • A kind of machine called thermostat is capable of regulating the temperature in the chamber. Owing to the thermostat’s capability to switch on and shut off the compressor, it is feasible to regulate the temperature
  • Frozen foods and chilled drinks are available anytime that you want. In a way refrigerators are able to reduce your number of visits to the supermarkets. If you are thinking of taking a work break and go to the Sahara desert, then it is possible to stay in air conditioning environment in rooms available there.
  • The evaporators are also known as heat exchangers that are able to absorb heat that are eventually capable of reducing the temperature around.
  • The heat after being absorbed from the evaporator is then discharged to the ambient through the compressor or heat pump by the condensing unit.
  • The evaporators are located in the freezer compartment of refrigerators. Earlier people used to remove accumulated ice so as to enhance freezing effect and storage space. However, gradually, technology became more improvised and the modern refrigerators include automatic defrosting unit that is capable of turning the system into more energy efficient.

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Thus, learning the features of evaporators in refrigerators help you understand its functionality and performance. 

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