PDLC Glasses Find Wide Applications Due To Its Innovative Display Screen

Posted by bestroom on October 25th, 2014

PDLC, which stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal is a smart glass that is capable of changing the properties in light transmission under the influence of heat, light and voltage. This is a very innovative and new kind of material that is capable of adjusting penetration of visible rays depending upon the absence or presence of electricity. Hence, it is observed that a PDLC glass finds ample applications owing to its advanced and invigorating features.

Let delve deeper into understanding the scientific significance of the Smart Glass

If you are wondering how the PDLC glasses function, then you have get into the details of its scientific explanation. Being laminated with PDLC film, PDLC glasses have the presence of liquid crystal droplets along with bipolar alignment in it. When there is no electronic field created around the droplets are randomly aligned and is mismatched with that of prepolymer, which eventually scatters light. With presence of electric field, the droplet in the PDLC film is switched quickly to index matched and is eventually converted into a transparent state by aligning the droplet director, which is parallel to that of the applied field.

Today, you will find a number of PDLC manufacturers, but spotting a company with R&D efforts and high quality products can become difficult. In this context, Bestroom Co., Ltd., is a much talked-about Korean company that is efficient in manufacturing new materials with quality and excellence in them. The company boasts of excellent technology and consistent efforts in building reliable products for customers. Being a well-known PDLC glass manufacturer in Korea, Bestroom brings the most reliable smart glasses that find wide applications in today’s world.

Here, look at the wide application of the PDLC glasses

  • Used on windows for privacy at offices and homes
  • Used in solar panels or solar control frames
  • Also applied in room dividers and room partitions
  • Applicable in vision panels and skylights
  • You will find them in blinds and electronic curtains
  • Also you will find these glasses for conservatory roofs
  • Advertising screens and window displays also use these glasses
  • Used for display cases and counters, etc

To put in lucid words, these glasses find applications everywhere where you need to fit glasses.

Some of the other applications include:

  • In meeting rooms, homes, offices
  • Commercial or corporate buildings
  • In rail/bus/ airport terminals
  • Churches and museums
  • Bars, restaurants and hotels
  • Conference and exhibition facilities
  • In shopping centers
  • Financial buildings and banks
  • In sports arenas and stadiums
  • In leisure centers and casinos
  • In yachts or ships
  • In places or cars and so on.

It can be said that Bestroom is known for producing very high quality PDLC glasses. Being specialised in manufacturing high quality glasses, the company is also known for manufacturing optical clear adhesive, which you can commonly find on touch screen, cover lens and so on.

Thus, avail the best smart glass from the right source and enjoy its varied applications.

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