Why Are Control 4 Systems In Chatham And Mendham, NJ Truly Unique

Posted by JMG Audio Video on January 29th, 2021

Technology rules! And how? From opening the gate to putting on the light and ensuring kid safety, no homeowner can afford to bypass home automation today. Well, home is truly smart today thanks to the power of control 4 systems in Chatham and Mendham, NJ, and everywhere else. One can manage to keep the home running smoothly and effortlessly without investing loads of time or actively engaging in hard work. A remote interface controls all required, leaving the residents to enjoy their lives exactly as they wish to do.

It is the Control 4 operating system that has brought the entire home under a single interface today. Therefore, it would be extremely wise to harness this power and solve all minor domestic problems at the touch of a button. The homeowner or any other family member can now be in total control as a single device can be utilized to monitor the integrated systems expertly, that too from a remote location.

Some of the pluses that are bound to leave the consumer awestruck include the following features:-

· Single Screen- The first thing that strikes a prospective user who desires to upgrade from OS 2 to Control 4 OS 3 is the interface's novel design. The home screen displays every interconnected system, with the associated text and the buttons being considerably larger in size. The present status of each system is displayed right on the home screen too. This is advantageous as one does not have to go to a specified window/page to note whether the main door is locked, the garage door closed and drapes have been pulled shut. The entertainment systems can be started at will, too, with temperature control ensuring comfort regardless of the weather conditions outside.

· Navigation- The interface design has been overhauled totally with a prominent media bar displaying the music and videos playing in each room. One can change it with the aid of the slider bar and reduce the volume from another portion of the home to speak on the phone. Sure, having so many functions crowding the small screen of a smartphone can make it look cluttered, giving rise to confusion. However, this operating system has a responsive design with the page fitting perfectly to the device in use. Navigating through the home screen is practically a breeze, with the user can rely on intuition for using it effectively.

· Favorites List- Much like the music videos, Control 4 OS 3 allows the consumers to create a favorite list by adding the activities to be done at a specified hour. One can thus listen to music and cook at the same time. There is an added option of choosing the right song from the pop-up audio list right on the kitchen navigation page.

A music lover or a movie buff can go ahead and install one of the best home theater systems in Chatham and Mendham, NJ, at affordable rates.

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