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Posted by Cate Griffing on January 29th, 2021

Have you ever had a moment where you are sitting in your living room, look around and think to yourself, "boy things need to change here"? Well, if you have I am happy to tell you that you are not alone.

I'm going, to be honest, here I change my decor up often. I like to switch out pieces here and there. I feel it helps keep my rooms feeling new and refreshed. I'm talking about things like throw pillows, blankets, and artwork. The larger items like couches and rugs are obviously not things you switch out often because they are just far too expensive.

That being said there comes a time when you know your couch has seen better days and your rug has one too many (red wine) stains on it. That time for me is now. I decided it was time to purchase a few new things for my living room to give it the total refresh and upgrade it truly needs.

I decided to tackle a few things during this refresh. And they are:

  1. New Rug
  2. New Couch
  3. Painting the walls
  4. Fireplace update

I think these few things are going to give my living room a completely new look and feel. 

For the rug, I want something super durable because I have 2 dogs (and a husband). So durability is my main priority. Being thing I'm not going to stores to shop I was able to find a few great places to buy rugs online. I have my choice narrowed down to 2 right now.

The couch was a challenge. I was again, looking for durability but also comfort. I am pretty sure I have looked at every couch I could look at. But I'm pretty sure I have made my decision. 

Painting the walls is probably the easiest way to give a space a refresh. It changes the look of a space without buying all new furniture and decor. For me, I'm going for a neutral look. I like SW Worldly Gray and I also really enjoy something more on the white side like SW Pure White. I'm a bit torn on this decision.

Finally the fireplace. There was an old outdated mantle that I decided to rip off one after when I was bored. I know a weird way to cure boredom. However, it happened and I was left with a bit of a mess. I thought about a few options but, ultimately ended up getting marble installed.

Now that the fireplace is complete, I have to decide on a wall color. Once that's decided, I'll move on to the couch and finally the rug. I just want to make sure everything flows together nicely. 

I'm confident that these changes will 100% refresh my giving room but also they will provide me with the durability and comfort I am looking for. Also, sticking with a neutral color palette will make it easier for me to decorate around. I'll be able to add more colors rather than having to stick to one particular color.

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