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Posted by romen on January 29th, 2021

Jspharma is a reliable supplier and manufacturer in China for fully automatic and semi-automatic capsule filling machine. The company develops equipment ranging from capsule filling machines, capsule polisher, capsule polishing machine, capsule vacuum deduster, empty capsule loading, powder loading and all other supportive equipment related to capsule filling process.  

Capsule filling equipment is an intermittent operation with orifice disk filling. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small model, low noise, accurate filling dose, complete functions, and stable operation. The machine can complete capsule inserting, capsule cap and body separation, capsule filling, dis-qualified capsule rejecting and discharging. It is an ideal capsule filling equipment for manufacturers of medicines and health products.

Joysun recommends capsule filling machines of different models ranging from small scale to mass continuous production scale.


Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is suitable for capsule size 00#-5# by replacing molds on the machine. The molds are convenient to change and clean.

Liquid capsule filling machine is a newly developed equipment to meet the need to make liquid capsules. An innovation derives from the conventional capsule filling machine for powder.

Capsule filling machine turntable working principle

1# station: capsule separation into cap and body

2# station: the upper and lower capsule mold separation.

3# station: The photoelectric sensor checks whether capsule separated or not

4# station: filling capsule or liquid into cap body 

5# station: add smaller capsules if there is (for capsule in capsule/pellets in capsule).

6# station: disqualified capsule detection and rejection

7# station: vacancy

8# station: lock capsule

9# station: finished capsule discharge (connected capsule sealing machine).

10# station: the upper and lower molds reset

Joysun has below advantages in automatic capsule filling machine sales.

Short lead time, they craft machines quickly to save buyer waiting time, even special customized equipment takes less time to confirm. 

Cost saving, the price of capsule filing machines is lower than trading company and save buyers twice, triple or even higher cost when comparing with European machines.

Spare parts in stock and cost effective. A steady stock of spare parts is ready to dispatch for frequently parts replacement. Even special parts, the manufacturing time is shorter. 

Quick Response. quickly response to user’s question via email, online chat, or call. A chat group to solve user’s problem. The result is almost the same as ‘onsite’

Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturing Criteria

1. Pharmaceutical automatic capsule filling machine manufacturing standard: JB20025-2004. Strictly follows the IS09001 International Quality Certification System, meeting the requirements of GMP.

2. The capsule filling and the locking mechanism passes the acceptance check of FAT, and completely meets the standards of the user requirement specification. (URS)

Generally speaking, application of automatic capsule filling machines in the fields of pharmacy and health products is gradually expanding, so as the market scale. Joysun has improved and innovated capsule filling machines rapidly to meet the international buyers’ need.     

The User’s recognition and support are the powerful drive for better management and development. Joysun pharma sincerely cooperates with their clients and works together to succeed in win-win results.

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