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Posted by bennysmoving on October 27th, 2014

Two years ago, I was going through a very hard time in my life. My wife had just given birth to our third born son and therefore we were looking for a bigger house that would be large enough to accommodate all members of our growing family. My finances were pretty messed up back then and so we were not really looking for anything fancy- just a house big enough for our family in a nice neighborhood and within access to my workplace and our children’s schools. And then a letter came that changed all that! Yes, we were still going to move out of our small house for a different one but none of us had thought that we would be relocating to a whole new city altogether.
The letter said that I had been transferred to a new station in New York. Considering the fact that New York is almost 200 miles away from Boston city this was going to be a major upset to me and my entire family. Even though I had been to the big apple once or twice before, none of other members of my family had even set foot outside Massachusetts and, frankly, even my wife was apprehensive about making the move, but, even from the onset, we all knew that this move was going to be inevitable. It was a big promotion and looking at my messed up finances and with the new baby in the house, the answer was as clear as day.
The timeline for reporting to my new station was very tight- I had to move to the new city, get settled and report to my new post inside a month. So we set out about the task of finding the right movers to help us transport our belongings. Considering we did not have much money at the time, our first instinct was to go with the cheapest moving company we could find in Boston. In fact, it was a sheer stroke of luck that saved us from totally messing up our move.
Calls to a few friends who were supposed to be experts at this sort of thing led us to the doorstep of an outfit of Boston. At the counter, we met a furious customer who wanted to be refunded because out of the property that the company had helped him move, only half got there and even the half did not get there in the same state it was packed. Without a second thought, we took off and decided that even if it meant spending a few more dollars, we were going to find a better service. Eventually we were referred to Benny’s moving, a professional moving company based in Boston, and within 3 days of our renting a house in new York, all our stuff had been moved in. he two main lessons that we learnt from the episode were that the number one element when it came to hiring movers was their reputation and experience over and above the price. Reviews from past clients too are invaluable.

About the company:

Benny's Moving & Storage Company is a market leader in moving services in Boston. They are highly trained team of professional movers who are known for delivering premier moving services. They do careful handling of large items such as furniture, pianos etc. For packing delicate goods they also provide packing materials.

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