Advantages and Disadvantages of Engraving as compared to Etching

Posted by maria vidal on January 29th, 2021

When you go searching for engraving services near me, you come across very common intermingling between the industrial terms Engraving and Etching. Even if both these processes offer a great coverage and compatibility with a variety of metal surfaces with clear long lasting results, the primary difference between the two, however, is the price with few other bold dissimilarities. Laser etching, laser engraving, and laser marking are all unique applications of laser technology with their own distinct profile of requirements, risks, applications, benefits and characteristics. The initial difference between them is that engraving is a physical process and etching is a chemical process.

During Engraving services in UK, the process consists of high power laser beam focuses on the material, delivering a great deal of focused heat that can bring change in the color changes and creates a contrast of the targeted material. Depending on the exposure time the material evaporates or burns leaving the output results as engraved i.e. permanent and very resistant to abrasion. On the other hand in Engraving services in UK, Laser etching process consists of delivering heat from the laser beam causing the surface of the material to melt, melted material expands and causes a raised mark without cutting into the metal and making a crevice.

Lets understand some of the Advantages of Engraving services in UK as compared to Etching:

Depth: Attaining different cut depths and effects are the special aspects of laser cuts. Laser engraving near me uses a high power laser beam causes materials to vaporize with a possibility of even achieving more depth engraving results based on the desired setting. On the other hand, etching etcher burns lines into a surface with acid where the depth of a laser etch is usually no more than 0.001 inches.

Volumes: If you are a small medium business willing to achieve only a few labels, then engraving is the more cost-effective option. It is only for higher volume orders, etching is often less expensive.

Materials: Laser engraving services near me makes a cone-shaped indentation in the surface of the material. Laser etching produces a high contrast marking on the surface of the material by vaporizing just the surface layer of the material.

Durability: Laser engraving services near me is an ideal method for marking parts and items that are expected to experience high wear.  If you laser etch a design into some jewelry, it will fade quickly if the piece is touched often because the depth is comparatively less.

Versatility: Laser engraving near me has a better coverage on types of materials compatibility, being effective on almost any material of your choice like metals, plastics, wood, leather, acrylic, glass, and even soft materials like paper. Laser etching affects the surface of materials with selective materials to use such as anodized aluminum, plated metals, stainless steel, polymers and ceramics.

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