How to Wear a Custom Knit Winter Hat and Look Amazing

Posted by custommadebeanies on October 28th, 2014

One of the best clothing investments you can make this coming winter is getting a beanie designed just for you. If you have a business, consider having a couple of beanies designed with your logo and brand then giving them out to your customers. A custom knit winter hat is quite essential in cold weather. It’s an amazing way to show your fashionable side even when the weather doesn’t permit you to show off your beautiful hair. But not so many people can wear a beanie and look stylish. That’s why we thought we’d give you a few lessons on how to wear a logo beanie with pom.

Choose a Colorful Beanie

If you just want to brighten up your outfit then choose a colorful beanie. You can pull off a dramatic look by wearing a bold color like a red blouse and a red beanie to match that. Consider wearing the beanie with your hair out on one side if you’ll be pairing that look with denim pants.

Opt for an Oversize Beanie

An oversized beanie would be great especially if you are having a bad hair day or when it’s really cold. You can tuck in all your hair of leave it flowing with the beanie covering your ears and just above the eyebrows. Whatever look you choose, make sure your beanie fits perfectly.

Have a little fun with your beanie hat

A logo beanie with pom on top would be a nice way to give your outfit a fun side. The pompom bounces as you walk and it would be nice if you wear something that matches its color. Make sure your outfit looks well-coordinated. If the beanie has a pompom that is blue, wear something blue to pull off that look.

Choose a Single Color

If you wear a beanie with a single shade, there’s a high chance that you’ll be making a fashion statement. Most people will choose a white custom knit winter hat because it looks very elegant. But you can always go for other colors like grey and blue so long as the outfit you wear complements the beanie. Also make sure the beanie is designed well so that it doesn’t stretch when you wear it and then becomes too big. Find a company with experience in making custom beanies if you’d like one that is specially designed for you.

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