How to Create a Strong resume for the Cabin Crew Interview?

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Do you see yourself working as a part of the cabin crew? As you work as per the needs of this industry? If yes, good choice, but if no, you must start looking for the best cabin crew training institute in India with the best facilities and advantages.

This is undeniably an enthusiastic and passionate career choice that offers a range of opportunities to the aspirants. If you have been a part of this industry or reading the blogs and keeping an update, you must be knowing the challenges faced by the fresher while recruitment.

You must know that your resume is the very first impression created about you while the recruitment. There will be many people talking about the necessity of including experience as it gives a green checkmark to the resume. It strengthens the resume and increases the chances of getting shortlisted.

But, what if you are a fresher who has just completed the courses and dreaminofo flying high, you certainly will not be able to add experience, does that mean you should not dream any further? Definitely, No!

Everyone starts from nothing and then with experience, they become skilled.

You must start walking on the paths of your dreams by taking the cabin crew training course, certification, and then interview.

Therefore, instead of listening to misconceptions, you must look forward to making a strong CV. Make sure your resume is inviting and appealing, that shows your zeal to become a part of the airline.

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Application Tracking System or ATS:

This might sound disappointing, but this is the truth that recruiters don’t check CVs. Most of the airlines now make use of the software named ATS.

The Application Tracking System filters and scans the resumes and does not require the intervention of humans.

This is implemented by the recruiters as this saves their effort and time. Checking thousands of applications every week will be time taking but crucial, which is taken care of by this software.

Most of the airlines available in India look for some particular qualities when they are willing to make new recruitments. In such cases, they program this software in a way that it assesses the skills that can match the needs of the company and its values.

Therefore, if this is the first time you are going to sit for the interview or prepare the resume, make sure you include some of the major qualities.

If you wish to include more words, or make it lengthy or want to keep it short yet catchy, it is up to you. All you need is to ensure that it is attractive, doesn’t have errors, is scannable, and has an impact.

You only have one shot to pass this software. So make it or break it.

Are you now thinking about how to write an ATS-friendly resume?

There is no perfect format or answers; therefore, here, we will check the things which work for most of the candidates.

Make sure you include and personalize the keywords that are specific to the airline. This is because the system has been programmed to shortlist resumes with keywords.

Therefore, include the keywords where you elaborate on your achievements and skills. This shows that you are fit for the position.

If you have been trying several times but couldn’t get shortlisted, you must start trying to optimize the resume.

Every time while preparing the CV, you must ask if your CV is friendly to the software.

So what should you do? You must pay attention to writing the job description, describing the roles upon understanding the core values of the airline company.

Once you have added everything as per the needs of the software and made it scannable, you must look forward to personalizing the CV.

A short note: Do not avoid the phrases as the modern software has been getting advanced with more contextual searching.

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Use professional and appealing template:

The templates are professionally designed to help with layout and formatting. This can make a lot of difference for the novices or creating the CV.

You can choose to hire a specialist, or you can take help from the trainers of the cabin crew training institute. As they are experienced people from this industry, they exactly know what to include and what to exclude.

What skills should you include in the resume?

As you have been witnessing, these days the ATS and the recruiters scan the resume by checking precisely the keywords that say you are a good fit for the industry. Since they cannot invest much time on one resume, you have to highlight the key skills that you think will become valuable for any airline.

Make sure you check their core values before including your key skills. Seek help from the trainers of cabin crew training institute in Kolkata as not only do they offer courses, but also the trainers can guide you through.

You must know that every airline has different requirements, which makes it a necessity to personalize the CV as per the requirements of the particular airline.

Following are some of the qualities that you can include in your application.

1.       Flexible and adaptable

2.      Great customer service skills

3.      Interpersonal skills

4.      Teamwork

5.      Working under pressure

6.      Positive and friendly

7.       Problem-solving ability

8.      Responsible and professional

9.      Empathetic

What is the right size of the font and style?

This is something that should be taken into consideration while you are preparing the resume.

The Font:

If you are new, you definitely have not given much thought to this specific thing. However, it is always a need for every candidate to make readable and clean formatting.

Some of the most common style of font that can be used includes

·         Arial

·         Garamond

·         Times new Roman

 Do not choose

·         Comic Sans

·         Brush Script MT


Add bullet points and keep things organized.


The perfect and most acceptable size is from 10 – 12 points, but you are free to increase it. Always make sure not to make it too small or large for the recruiters.


You should always make sure of keeping an elegant, clear, and simple style.

You need to keep in mind that this is a saturated and competitive market and therefore do not go for the boring Microsoft word.

You can choose the temple that is available on the internet and then put the details.

You can add colors that are not too loud, but that can grab the attention and keep the texts readable.

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What information should you include about yourself?

This is important as this section will provide information about you.

You need to include your contact details like name, address, email id, and contact details.

Apart from these, you can include nationality, birth, height.

You can put a few sentences about the work history that has relation with your professional in case you are a fresher.

However, if you are experienced, you can include your work experience.

Remember to elaborate on your key skills and include the keywords that can be scanned by the software. Start your cabin crew training in Kolkata today and learn in detail about the way to sit for an interview from them.

Final thoughts:

No resume is enough to showcase your skills and eagerness, but the above-mentioned points will help you to make it through the software and improve the chances of getting shortlisted and sit for the interview.

Take the admission in cabin crew course in Kolkata and start learning more about the required skills that you can include.

Best of luck! Hopefully, this will help to make a strong resume.

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